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  1. Glory of Wanilan page 15

    * * *

    Kirthanas walked from his room ready to go to dinner. His thoughts were of the quest ahead and all it could mean if he succeeded. His father would be healed and forever rid of the illness that has rapidly decayed his body. As Kirt ventured through the many halls that he new all too well he came upon the dinning room. The massive doors stood about fifteen or more feet tall, the handles on the door were elaborately decorated will gold and jewels. Kirthanasís elven hands wrapped ...
  2. Glory of Wantilan page 14

    * * *

    Her travels this day was not a hard one. She stopped in a town about a mile back and had stolen a crafty looking short sword and about sixty or so gold crowns in a pouch. She was a pretty skillful thief back in the day before she trained to be a mage. Still she was not skillful enough or she didnít travel at a quick enough pace. Soon she heard the stampeding hoofs of a horse traveling at an accelerated pace. Litar turned only for a second to see her victim ride hurriedly upon ...
  3. Glory of Wantilan page 13

    ďWell we must get going now, I wish to reach my kingdom by nightfall and the road seems to be full of thieves.Ē

    * * *

    Kirthanas gathered his stuff since he would live in Lord Remnitís castle from now on. He looked out at the beautiful morning remembering the evil night. The fresh morning of the first day of his new life, a life without his dear mother and father nor his brothers and sisters. He already said his good-byes and his mother was in tears as was his ...
  4. Glory of Wantilan page12

    Her night was finally over and today was the first day of her new life. She rose from her bed of wet leaves and put on her cloak that she used as a dry sheet for her bed. A little wet but mostly dry now from the morning sun she looked around. So today is the day my life begins she thought in a happy tone. She started to walk off and then realized she had forgotten something. She turned scared of what might have happened to it, it could have gotten stolen or worse. But to a sigh of relief it remain ...

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  5. Glory of Wantilan p11

    Benlow congratulated Jenrig with a hand shake and stepped out of the circle.

    Desmin, the third general, was magic crazy and casted everything he was allowed to leaving his body weak and stressed from the pressure of casting spells. Jenrig managed to dodge, parry, reflect, and even absorb all of Desminís spells. Having out lasted his enemy Jenrig closed for the kill and finally caught Desmin on the side of his knee drawing blood.

    The last General, Tolant, matched ...

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