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  1. Dawn of War II - Coop & Last Stand

    Been playing the new Chaos Campaign with Reaper. Its sooo nice to have a good coop title. You know I have grown up with the SNES and everything and their dog was Coop - 2 Players - AWESOME ! The N64 after tried to push it to 4-Players but didnt quite make it. Most games had some singleplayer and then on top some alibi 4.Player thing that mostly sucked. Then after there was PS2 kind of... which went on into masive FMV singleplayer orgys. Then Xbox... which well has xbox live but was mostly about ...
  2. Hi Im Lyra

    Hi im Lyra.

    I sometiems live at TG and yell at people to do their job better. I also like to bath TG admins with a mix of useful posts and minor infractions. Im German but in my normal life I speak more English than actual German. Many might know me from my long "career" of 2142 where a bunch of bush people sat me on a throne like their guru or something. Currently busy on Bad Company 2. Usually to be found on Steam.

    If you made it to this ...

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