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Nerdy Girl

  1. "We never know the worth of water till the well is dry."

    Our oceans are dieing and tonight, Obama faces an angry American people who know he's been treating this as a non-important issue. Now, I am not a fan of our current president but I am not going to sit here and bash and blame him. Do I think he could have handled this better... yes. Do I think that his presidential address tonight is going to have an underline meaning of why we should push comprehensive energy reform...yes. And do I think that he is only doing something because he can't stand any ...
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  2. Are Video Games the Devil

    One of the most common criticisms of video games is that they allegedly increase violent tendencies among youth. I call bull****! My personal belief is that many youths commit crimes because they lack a positive influence/roles models in their lives. A lot of teens have a lot of empty time on their hands and nothing to do. Also, a lack of experience and discretion along with being influenced by their peers doesn't help either. So before blaming ...
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