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  1. A return to pessimism! North Korea Threatens Nuclear Response.

    Now... back to the basics. In this blog I want to talk to you guys about Korea a small peninsula hanging off mainland Asia west of Japan.

    Originally conquered by Imperial Japan (in 1910) and viciously extorted under their rule was made independent by the Soviet Union and the USA dividing the surrender at the 38th parallel between them taking north and south respectively. Korea was unified until 1948 and was divided similarly by into two states with ideological sympathies similar to ...
  2. Sap alert: The following blog contains tree tears!

    Today I learnt that love is blind.
  3. Wtf button!

    In contrast to my previous 3 posts here are some lighthearted Gamer freindly vids I found recently! To check out the submitters of these videos to Youtube just rigth click on each video.


    Indeed! I feel this is a real anthem for Tactical Gamer and I love the song.

    Well this ...
  4. Canada... G20 look below.


    Escalating security costs, mass demonstrations. What is this?

    Toronto's G20 summit turned out to be more than a meeting for the owrlds largest economies to restructure the way finance will be run throughout the world. While Merkel and Sarkozy discussed the euro....

    "fortress toronto" prepared for a day of merry hell on both business and infrastructure.


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  5. The 1337 attitude in TG.

    Recently I started playing WoW again ( Yep, bring it trolls). Because I found that we had a couple of people in TG which played it. I pursued this further and found the Tactical Warcraft website which was all fine and dandy, until you find they are all hardcore raiding guilds. Oh dear. casual players of wow or infact regular TG memebrs liek me seem to not be able to participate. The sites are smattered with progression bars and currently recruiting XYZ signs.

    Not only that the guilds ...
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