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  1. Advertising Techniques: Another Lecture by Dr. Strangelove

  2. Military Logistics Services Episode 4

  3. Takistani Tasks - Fri Jun 24 - Sun Jun 26 - Weekend Long Campaign

    Quote Originally Posted by Unkl View Post
    Join TacticalGamer.com
    to play a weekend long campaign on

    We will start early evening on Friday night and begin to take back Takistan!

    How does this work?
    We will ask players to sign up to indicate what times they expect to be able to play. This will give leadership a chance to organize events
  4. Vehicle within Vehicle - Arma 3 Apex Deployment Options

    Quote Originally Posted by Xorilliz View Post
    Yes sir, I did unload that APC with 11 screaming men inside.

    Well I was gonna find a bunch of wordy content to make you read a wall of text.....but that seems very unnecessary after this post came out!

    Apex is gonna be amazing! Just grabbed it for a family member in the pre-sale.
  5. My Father

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