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  1. The Decline of the Video Game Industry

    A very good read on the state of the video game industry.

    To survive, studios need to acknowledge the reality that content creation, curation and consumption is being democratized. For many executives in the media & entertainment industry, this concept is anathema; they believe that their veteran experience and instinct can pick ‘winning’ game concepts and turn them into blockbusters. Even if and when this is true, the final game will fall short of its potential if it remains
    Gaming Industry
  2. StrangeChristmas

    A series of photos and videos from Dr. Strangelove's home on Christmas, 2015.

    Updated 12-24-2014 at 05:17 PM by E-Male

  3. Out of Play Until New Drive

    I cannot play either PS2 or BF4 due to unknown reasons and will purchase a SSD shortly, reinstall, and see how things go.

    It has been 4 months or more of constant issues that I cannot track down (do not ask -- I have done everything).

  4. So I just upgraded my GPU...

    With a Asus STRIX GTX970 DirectCU II OC

    Seems like a beast of a card so far.
    Loving the fact that the fans don't even start to move until the card reaches 65°C.

    Time for me to go try BF4 on maxed out settings
  5. Tactical Strike - new game style for TG Arma 3


    Tactical Strike is a specific game style server built to fill a niche of small tactical operations for TacticalGamer. Its aims are to to use the Arma 3 engine to create small special ops type missions that have 6-8 players tops with strict mission time limits. Think Ghost Recon but in Arma 3.

    No game out there exists that really fills this niche at the moment. A ...
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