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  1. Scenes and Stories from Los Santos

    Just yesterday when I was driving home, I was attacked by a car. I took care of it but my car was damaged. So I hopped out, took cover and was watching for incoming attackers. Suddenly an ambulance turned out and the "good guy" reflex in me caused a second of hesitation; maybe they were here to help me. Right? Well, you can guess the end of this sad story. Take home lesson... Dont trust strangers. After the incident, I stopped by at a grocery store to buy some snacks. Another customer ...

    Updated 04-15-2015 at 06:06 AM by John CANavar

  2. Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig.

    Well I finely made the long trip home. And when I say long, I mean 46 hours of travel time kind of long. Beds where not apart of this equation but airport benches, airplane seats and the ground was. The two days before I left, I stayed up till 1am African time, so as to help me adjust to the time change ahead. Than I got up at 5 am on the day I left which caused me to be tired enough to sleep on both plane rides of that day. But than I got stuck on a 11 hour layover with my goal of staying up all ...
  3. Online ‘Swatting’ Becomes a Hazard for Popular Video Gamers

    An interesting read from the New York Times today about gamers:

    Some victims are well-known professional video game players like Mr. Eubanks, who has 386,000 followers on Twitter and a regular schedule of live-streaming practices and competitions on Twitch, the most popular live video site for gamers.

    Traditional celebrities, those in the entertainment industry, are still targets. Last week, police officers responded to a false report of a shooting at the Miami Beach
  4. Rate My Professor

    uOttawa professors respond to comments on ratemyprofessor.com

  5. Farewell Africa for now.

    As I come to the last week of being here in South Africa I can formulate my thoughts on how it was to travel out of my home country. While the cost can be high, this experience was well worth the pricetag. If anyone gets the chance to travel out of their home country, I would suggest trying it. It has opened my eyes and help round out my little world. Definitely an amazing experience and and I hope that I will be coming back here in the next couple of years.

    This is a normal response ...
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