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  1. VIDEO: Run for the Cure

    Dr. and Mrs. Strangelove run for the cure in Ottawa.

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  2. VIDEO: Through E-Male's Eyes

    A new video with close-ups and slow motion action explosions.

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  3. Profiles in Excellent Squad Leading: BleedingKnee

    Quote Originally Posted by E-Male View Post
    The following is a series of three videos that profile the communication and leadership style of [3rd-SFD] BleedingKnee.

    BleedingKnee has been a member of TG since January 2007, is 37 years old, and has made 871 posts to TG forums.

    Last night was one of the first times in recent memory that I found myself in BleedingKnee's squad, and I immediately recognized the presence of a strong, effective squad leader.

    Keeping in mind that there is no one best style
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  4. new family member

    he may not be direct but i'm proud to say my cousin gave birth to a healthy boy yesterday mum and baby are both great


    my mum still has to come to terms with being a great aunt!!
  5. New BC2 Video: Fragging Da Boyz

    Quote Originally Posted by E-Male View Post
    New Video: Fragging Da Boyz

    Featuring TG's Xiel and Pure_Ox in Bad Company 2

    The following video by Dr. Strangelove explores online gaming video as an art form. The use of a laugh track, and close-up slow-motion replay of the extreme violence depicted the video game, along with the repetition of the in-game sound track ("F***K them up") repositions the game as social commentary and art.

    Blah blah blah.

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