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  1. Dr. Strangelove's Students at Work

    One of the courses I teach at the University of Ottawa is Advertising Techniques (I once wrote a bout about how to advertise on the Internet...). Here is of of the best ads made by one of my students. She did all the work using actors from the Fine Arts dept, but the shots of the BMW are from TV.

  2. The Highway of Death

    Featuring the driving of [TG-3rd] Bleedingknee . . .

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  3. [TG] NOMAD in Action

  4. The Moral Justification of Piracy

    Another lecture by Dr. Strangelove at the University of Ottawa:

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  5. Case Modded with Cold Cathode Lights

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    Added two 12" cold cathode lights to my ANTEC 1200 case, which now makes a great fixture in my man cave.

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