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  1. Narcissism, the TG reputation system and a link to my depression???

    OK, so I think I'm probably a narcissist, I crave attention, now I don't just crave any attention like a child might, I want positive attention. I love making insane posts on facebook that I know makes my friends laugh, but when I don't get any 'likes' or comments I start to think no one is reading anything I post, but when I've gotten depressed in the past and brought it up on facebook, saying I might stop or quit facebook, I get several friends coming out to say they love reading my posts and ...
  2. World of Tanks

    So many of us have been playing world of tanks lately, and it just so happens that i have a second beta invite key... SOOO if you want it hit me up a pm or messag ehere

  3. Creeper week is a bit disappointing :(

    I was hoping with the promise of a prize I could get some involvement.

    Maybe the thought of a 'buddy' of me wasn't the best idea to plant in anyone's head. What about a buddy of someone else?

    or is it because you'd have to give me your address to ship you the prize? Hmm...
  4. Ribbons - September 14, 2010

    Congrats to all those receiving ribbons! Keep up the nominations!

    Distinguished Volunteer:
    Impulse 9 (Class I)

    Combat Action:
    Tarmpaket (Class I)
    Ceud (Class I)
    Soup (Class I)
    Zorg (Class I)
    Dogone (Class I)
    Jacezz (Class I)
    Soup (Class I)
    2ndDeath (Class I)
    Lorelei (Class II)
    Jack Bauer (Class I)
    Jeff 'kid' Viet (Class I)
    Fultron (Class I)
    Harmin Utter (Class
  5. GaGa's finger

    Odd how I have had the same Avatar for months but as soon as I challenge a certain trollish individual I get a visit from an admin about my avatar.
    But then again, when you can't or won't stand up for what you believe in then I guess you just have to use whatever method you can.
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