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  1. new family member

    he may not be direct but i'm proud to say my cousin gave birth to a healthy boy yesterday mum and baby are both great


    my mum still has to come to terms with being a great aunt!!
  2. New BC2 Video: Fragging Da Boyz

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    New Video: Fragging Da Boyz

    Featuring TG's Xiel and Pure_Ox in Bad Company 2

    The following video by Dr. Strangelove explores online gaming video as an art form. The use of a laugh track, and close-up slow-motion replay of the extreme violence depicted the video game, along with the repetition of the in-game sound track ("F***K them up") repositions the game as social commentary and art.

    Blah blah blah.

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  3. The Lifestyle of Online Gamers (Study)

    From an article in the Journal of Interactive Advertising:

    "On-line gamers are the youngest group and have above-average education and income, but non-gaming Internet users enjoy the highest socioeconomic status. In terms of motivation, on-line gamers are more impulsive and more open to the Internet than either other group. On-line gamers are also highest in novelty seeking, risk-taking, and word-of-mouth communication. In terms of attitude, both online gamers and non-gaming
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  4. Video Games in the Classroom

    This from an article in the New York Times on the use of video games as a pedagogical device:

    "Neuroscientists have connected game play to the production of dopamine, a powerful neuro*transmitter central to the brain’s reward-seeking system and thought to drive motivation and memory processing (and more negatively, addictive behaviors) — all of which could have implications for how, when and what type of games should be used to advance children’s learning. But as it is with just

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  5. Rivers of Adrenaline

    Wow! I've just had one the most exiting PR expierience so far. It got my heart pounding and for a couple of minutes my hands almost shook. (I know the latter is not really great while playing games)

    We were playing Battle for Qinling, I was on the Chinese team. (Against my wishes, since I wanted to team up with my fellow TG collegues. Namely BlackPython222 whom I followed yesterday in a great Insurgency match. Well... Except for the one time when my premature trigger finger caused ...

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