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  1. Project Gryphon: Final Build Log and the Continuing Adventures...

    Final Build Log


    The images that make up 90% of the build log that follows are large, so before you skip off to the conclusion or another page, just give it a few minutes to download all the images. It's well worth the wait.

    A Word About Comfort

    If you're like me then you sweat a lot when you're couped up in a hot room that could pass for a light sauna. Before you even attempt to start building your next rig, make sure ...

    Updated 07-16-2010 at 12:11 AM by Acreo Aeneas

  2. Welcome to Wick World!

    Today I discovered the music Metallica for the first time.

    Prior to this moment it had been a distant island on the horizon. An island that was having a loud party where you couldn't quite make out the words to the music, music you thought you might like but didn't want to make the commitment to purchase the albums to find out, to metaphorically swim to the island and be disappointed when you got there to find out it was a dance mix of the theme tune to 'The Hills'. Still a couple ...
  3. MOH, TG, and the downfall of quality titles...

    In reply to Dredge's MOH Beta blog...

    Quote Originally Posted by Dredge
    VoIP - Like in BC2, is being promised in the release version. There have been numerous reports and postings in the BETA threads at EA regarding this and the PC community has made its voice heard on the matter. However as it stands now, there is none in the BETA. The PS3 version of the BETA has it built into the game engine, so one would assume that it can be done for the PC verion as well. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that Dice
  4. Put on a sturdy hat...

    ... because this video will blow your mind.

    How did I make it to the age of 17 without knowing this?
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  5. Medal Of Honor (Beta) Review/Report

    by , 07-09-2010 at 09:29 AM (Dredge's Random Musings)
    I have been playing the Medal Of Honor BETA pretty much since it was released. I have also been reporting bugs, glitches and the like to the Devs at Dice.

    Below is my official review of the BETA.

    Hitbox - Unlike most games, MoH uses a skeleton hit system. What this means is, you have to hit the other players "bones" for them to register. While an neat feature, it leads to players asking why they couldnt kill someone. Grazing the other player ...

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