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  1. parsing HTML with perl

    Maybe I'll detail my adventure here.

    So I started out with regex. Each span has a unique ID, so regex -- why not? Slurp the whole file, match on the IDs, barf out the content.
    Not my most brilliant moment, I've got to admit. The HTML is often formatted strangely, and this method is pretty inefficient for large files. I figured someone had already done this (I knew, in fact, I just figured this'd be faster and simpler), so method #2.
    The HTML Parser class from CPAN. ...
  2. A return to pessimism! North Korea Threatens Nuclear Response.

    Now... back to the basics. In this blog I want to talk to you guys about Korea a small peninsula hanging off mainland Asia west of Japan.

    Originally conquered by Imperial Japan (in 1910) and viciously extorted under their rule was made independent by the Soviet Union and the USA dividing the surrender at the 38th parallel between them taking north and south respectively. Korea was unified until 1948 and was divided similarly by into two states with ideological sympathies similar to ...
  3. still alive

    I'm still alive!!! the "people" that dredge has set on me haven't managed to locate me as of yet!

    here's some photos from my time in America so far!.


    (more to come as soon as i get my camera back from my cousin!)

    i'm flying home on the 14th august so i'll see you guys then!
  4. Generation Blank....

    So I was doing some research trying to figure out what generation I'm considered and I've discovered that after the 1960's, the Generation lines tend to blur a bit depending on who you ask.

    There are a few sites that say Generation X ranges from 1961 to 1979 and Generation Y ranges from 1990 to present. ((I guess those who were born between 1980 and 1989 are free-floaters according to these people.))

    Wikipedia has Generation X ranging from 1961 to roughly 1981 and Generation ...
  5. Ribbons - July 22nd, 2010

    Let's give a big hand to everyone receiving a ribbon! Be sure to send in your own nominations! That's how we award 'em!

    Combat Action:
    Lowspeed (Class I) - For saving the life of the CO and numerous other soldiers. Top notch judgement and marksmanship.

    Distinguished Conduct:
    Lowspeed (Class I) - For professional conduct during an ARMA2 mission and mature and respectful manner.

    Valorus Unit:
    Windexl0l (APC) (Class I) [PR]

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