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  1. Video: The Kill Shot

    I'll make more of these, but the footage is, for me, hard to come by.

    I need good lighting, a clear scene, and I must be up close to the target. Which usually means I am the dead guy . . .

    (Play in HD for best viewing experience.)
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  2. You Tube drama....lol

    So a friend sent me a video through facebook--WARNING LANGUAGE


    which I found hilarious. I usually don't make comments on videos, well because it's youtube, however there was a post saying how horrible the kids were and that they must have no self worth because they are singing the most degrading rap song ever made. It was the typicall troll post, all caps, leet speek, etc. but against my better judgement I posted the following ...
  3. This thought scares me

    so I discovered a ustream.tv app for my new phone so I can broadcast live anywhere, from my phone. Despite the fact that I hate being on camera, it does make me wonder if anyone would be interested in watching Catman....hmmmm...
  4. Going to Destroy Some GPAs (Grade Point Averages)

    Down to the last week of my four month long Summer vacation (odd how I never get any sympathy when I say that).

    A new semester is always exciting. I love teaching university courses and am about to start my second decade doing so.

    As I get older and better (or just meaner), I am failing more students. Now that I have switched from a take-home final essay to in-class, no textbooks, final exams, I am really able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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  5. Holy poopie, Catman is posting again

    First a BIG thanks to everyone who chipped in for my MDA bail money, it was greatly appreciated. It greatly reduced the amount of time I spent pleasuring 'Bubba' before I was released.

    This isn't really a blog post about anything, but if you expected more...I'm not sorry, you should know better by now. If you're new...lesson learned.

    Let's see, oh I got a spinal tap a few weeks ago, good Lord was that an experience, have to have it done under x-ray, felt the local ...

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