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  1. follow these 3 steps to add a bit of class into your life

    obtain your favourite drink of choice
    open these three links in three seperate tabs
    sit back and relax

    Link 1
    link 2
    link 3
  2. TG Blog's Eh...

    Well, I have a http://www.strangelove.com, a blog, just started online Picasa picture collections (seems easy than Flickr), a http://www.facebook.com/michael.strangelove, a Twitter, hundreds of YouTube videos, and now this.

    Still do not have access to the Sandbox . . . must be something I said.

    Here is my most popular TG video (over 1,000 views on YouTube):

    Updated 08-31-2010 at 09:37 AM by E-Male

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    Videos , My TG Videos
  3. Ribbons and You

    Quote Originally Posted by Ribbons View Post
    So, raise your hand if you've ever submitted a ribbon nomination.

    Raise them high so Ribbons can see them! Yeah I'm talking to you in the back with the iPod!

    Hmmm. Not many of you. That's rather unfortunate, ribbons are an awesome way to recognize your peers for excellence on the battlefield, or even here, in the forums.

    Why should I submit a nomination? Won't somebody else do it?

    Believe it or not, a lot of people have this
  4. Why I dislike Conquest

    (just blogging this for posterity)

    Quote Originally Posted by Greyed View Post
    To me any PvP game which implements conquest is really, really, shallow. Yes, that includes my beloved BF2142. (EDIT) Er, to clarify, the game mode in that particular game. BC2 and BF2142 both have other game modes so the games, in those modes, aren't shallow.

    The reason is simple, the basic premise of conquest is to avoid conflict. Here's why. The most common setup is with 3 points. Let's call them A, B, C. The enemy has
  5. Kittens!

    We're getting two kittens/cats next week, and we're a bit stuck for names. They're both boys, one is orange-brown with dark spots (like a leopard), and the other is silver-grey with dark spots. They're a partly-African breed and we were thinking of possible African names for them - I want to call the brown one Simba. But we're stuck for other names, so the internet is the logical place to turn. That's you. Yes, you, [YOUR NAME HERE].
    You don't have to suggest African names though - we're ...

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