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  1. Teamwork, or: How to Deal With Different Perspectives

    As many of you reading this will know, I began my Tactical Gamer career in our Battlefield 2142 community over three years ago. I was drawn there by my husband and fellow TG member Aruncado soon after we bought the game; he'd found the TG servers and declared them the promised land of maturity in gaming. Mind you, we'd come from a heavily Halo/Halo 2 multiplayer gaming background during the time when online gaming culture was still largely forming and screaming, cursing twelve-year-olds on Xbox ...
  2. The Love Police

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirusblk View Post
    I would like it very much if you could keep your own non-sequiturs in your own thread. Besides, what does that even mean? And how does it relate to the topic at hand?
    I would like it very much if you minded your own business but it seems you can not do that because I have the temerity to have an opinion that you don't agree with.
    Perhaps if I referred to an expert I would be able to post without you following behind with some cheesy, self-important vuvuzella noise.
  3. Wtf button!

    In contrast to my previous 3 posts here are some lighthearted Gamer freindly vids I found recently! To check out the submitters of these videos to Youtube just rigth click on each video.


    Indeed! I feel this is a real anthem for Tactical Gamer and I love the song.

    Well this ...
  4. Project Gryphon: Updates

    General Updates

    So I've managed to order everything but the Sunbeam LAN Rig Strap and Bag and CPU cooler. I should have a complete listing with prices I paid and full pictures (and more) sometime next week when I start putting it all together.

    Off the top of my head I ordered/have:

    500W HEC Raptor R500 PSU
    Zotac G31MAT-B-E Motherboard (LGA775)
    Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00 GHz CPU
    2 GB Crucial DDR2 800 RAM
    512 MB PNY GeForce 9600GT ...
  5. Kiss Roll'd?

    We have all been Rick Roll'd but have you ever been Kiss Roll'd?


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