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  1. You don't truly appreciate what you have until it's gone....

    Everyone's heard the phrase "Life is short", and those of us in the fire department are all too familiar with how true this can be sometimes. But it doesn't *truly* sink in until it's one of your own that's taken well before their time. And when this happens, everyone echoes something along the lines of "It's always the good ones".

    In my career as a firefighter, I've had the displeasure to experience many firefighter and police officer deaths, Line Of Duty and ...
  2. Me my Shark and I

    I leave at the beach, and my wife and I have been looking at kayaks/boats/paddle-boards a lot lately. So I was pretty surprised when a link to the video below popped up on Gizmodo.com
    Man, an experience like that must have been mind blowing/ under change inducing...............

  3. <<Nuff said>>

  4. J's Intriguing but slightly mental challenge / social experiment / perm.

    So heyloes, hows everyone?

    Had a random idea yesterday afternoon whilst trying to stay awake in work. Was thinking I'm nearly 22 and still haven't done anything really mental, or that exciting. (I'm hard to please.)

    So I thought, why not set myself some crazy challenge that I need to complete over the year between 22 and 23. This took me to thinking away at my goals in life, etcetera etcetera and I figured I can't be bothered doing a solo album. Sex change would ...
  5. Ritalin--- Flame thrower VS fire extinguisher in slow mo

    Everyone here knows that everything is more awesome in slow motion right? RIGHT???
    Well your going to love this.....................

    Stupid forum. Won't let me embed the video. You'll have to click on the link.

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