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  1. Uninteresting blog post

    I didn't want to feel like I was luring people in with a Blog title like, "Where has my TG gone" or "After recent posts at TG, I'm saying goodbye" hence a title that might draw some people in, but probably really just the people that read the blogs or people that know me

    Maybe I'm reading the wrong threads, maybe it's because my time is more limited than it has been in the past, maybe it's my depression getting worse again, I don't know, but lately the forum ...
  2. Nothing

  3. Teamwork, or: How to Deal With Different Perspectives

    As many of you reading this will know, I began my Tactical Gamer career in our Battlefield 2142 community over three years ago. I was drawn there by my husband and fellow TG member Aruncado soon after we bought the game; he'd found the TG servers and declared them the promised land of maturity in gaming. Mind you, we'd come from a heavily Halo/Halo 2 multiplayer gaming background during the time when online gaming culture was still largely forming and screaming, cursing twelve-year-olds on Xbox ...
  4. The Love Police

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirusblk View Post
    I would like it very much if you could keep your own non-sequiturs in your own thread. Besides, what does that even mean? And how does it relate to the topic at hand?
    I would like it very much if you minded your own business but it seems you can not do that because I have the temerity to have an opinion that you don't agree with.
    Perhaps if I referred to an expert I would be able to post without you following behind with some cheesy, self-important vuvuzella noise.
  5. Wtf button!

    In contrast to my previous 3 posts here are some lighthearted Gamer freindly vids I found recently! To check out the submitters of these videos to Youtube just rigth click on each video.


    Indeed! I feel this is a real anthem for Tactical Gamer and I love the song.

    Well this ...

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