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  1. Drunk ...........again

    i had post but I deleted ...so
  2. Bamboo Meets the Joker

    Slashfilm.com just posted a link to a cool T-shirt:

    Cool Stuff: Why So Serious T-Shirt

    Why So Serious?

  3. Drunk

    Am I that unusual that I get drunk once a week ?
    I'm sure at some points I could be quite annoying but most times people feel free to express that and I stop or go away so I jut wondering why some people seem so offended by somebody who is drunk ?
    I tried to do a search and see how many times I had posted with the starting line ..." I'm drunk but " but I got too many hits back and didn't feel like spending hours looking through everything.
    I can't imagine that there ...
  4. Coffee Spill on my g500

    Quote Originally Posted by Housekeeper View Post
    Here is a story about a bad spill that had my g500 on life support but after a careful surgery I have saved it from the brink of coffee-related death. I have experience ripping apart a lot of electronics and was able to fix it, so hopefully this helps someone if they are as clumsy as me.

    At first I tried to contain the spill from dripping off the desk, and threw the mousepad in the sink, and then realized that the g500 had taken significant coffee splash, and the status/DPI setting
  5. For those that have

    always wanted to stab me with a needle...feel free to live vicariously through this video.

    Don't ask why I felt the need to film this, I just did. Figured if I can be as creepy on facebook as I am here, I can see how many people I can get to unfriend me...so far the most "friend's" that I've lost from a post, is two.

    So anyways, enjoy....and if you want a really good look at my legs, the video is available in 720p (I can't wait until 1080p uploading is ...

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