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  1. <<Nuff said>>

  2. J's Intriguing but slightly mental challenge / social experiment / perm.

    So heyloes, hows everyone?

    Had a random idea yesterday afternoon whilst trying to stay awake in work. Was thinking I'm nearly 22 and still haven't done anything really mental, or that exciting. (I'm hard to please.)

    So I thought, why not set myself some crazy challenge that I need to complete over the year between 22 and 23. This took me to thinking away at my goals in life, etcetera etcetera and I figured I can't be bothered doing a solo album. Sex change would ...
  3. Ritalin--- Flame thrower VS fire extinguisher in slow mo

    Everyone here knows that everything is more awesome in slow motion right? RIGHT???
    Well your going to love this.....................

    Stupid forum. Won't let me embed the video. You'll have to click on the link.
  4. Ribbons - July 31st, 2010

    Congratulations to everyone being awarded a ribbon!

    Combat Action:

    Gunny (Class I) - For combat excellence on Tora Bora TvT on 7/16-17/2010, Arma OA Alpha Server.

    Distinguished Support:

    Lowspeed (Class I) [ARMA2] - For action on 6/4/2010 on the Alpha server TG Arma 2
    ChiefBoats.ret (Class I) [ARMA2] - For excellent fire support and cover.

    Distinguished Special Ops:

    Ghedter (Class I) [ARMA2] - For action
  5. I am new here and I would just like to say a couple of things.

    Hello everyone, my name is Cody Price - I turn 18 in around two weeks. I love the way realism is played. I was in a realism clan in the days of Call of Duty 2 when realism mods were beginning to become popular. Most or all of them now are completely gone. So basically realism and tactics are blind to the gaming world. At-least, that's what I thought. I watched a dozen of TG Arma videos and was very impressed. I am now wanting to save up and buy the Arma 2 pack just to game with you guys. ...
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