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  1. Anti-Social Networking

    I just deleted my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


    Why not.
  2. Video Game Breasts

    Now here is a topic we can all agree upon . . .

    A well documented blog post, "How Video Game Breasts Are Made (And Why They Can Go Wrong)," by Patricia Hernandez explores the history of breast design and programing in video games, with an interesting nod to fan modding of breasts. This is also a subject that has been extensively explored (all the way to second base) by gaming scholars.

    Hernandez notes that,
    Plenty of people theorize about why
    Gaming Industry
  3. The Cognitive Neuroscience of Video Games

    An article by Green and Bavelier from the book, Digital Media: Transformations in Human Communication, with the intriguing conclusion that:

    Video games currently play a substantial role in our culture as more than half of all Americans play some type of video game. The available research in the perceptual and cognitive domain indicates that such activity is likely to alter a wide range of perceptual, motor, and cognitive traits. Video game play has been shown to dramatically enhance

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    Academic Gaming Studies
  4. Sexist Video Games and Sexism

    'SeX-Box: Exposure to Sexist Video Games Predicts Benevolent Sexism' by S. Paul Stermer and Melissa Burkley, argues that "men who played video games perceived to be high in sexism showed higher levels of benevolent sexism, compared with men who did not play such games." I am a bit skeptical of the conclusion, given the poor track record of the research regarding violence and media consumption. Such effects research has been plagued with methodological problems. Nonetheless, their findings ...
  5. The Next 5,000 Days (of the Internet)

    Another uOttawa lecture by Dr. Strangelove. In this one I provide a commentary on Kevin Kelly's libertarian techno-utopianism captured in his TED talk, The Next 5,000 Days.

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