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  1. YouTube Partner

    I was poking around my main YouTube account and discovered that I am a YouTube Partner!

    Total life time earnings on YouTube, $6.54.

  2. Why Video Game Studios Keep Dying

    No More 1UPs: Why Video Game Studios Keep Dying

    Sounds rather optimistically naive of the real economy of game development:

    "To survive, studios need to acknowledge the reality that content creation, curation and consumption is being democratized. For many executives in the media & entertainment industry, this concept is anathema; they believe that their veteran experience and instinct can pick ‘winning’ game concepts and turn them into blockbusters. Even if
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  3. ScratchnSniff0 attempts Youtube!

    Hi all! As well as this being my first blog, I've made my first attempt at video game recording! Today, CoiledTortoise and I played Elite: Dangerous and I recorded the results! It was less than spectacular but this was my first baby step into recording. Now I just gotta find a good free video editor!

    To record, I looked on the forums and others suggested the Open Broadcaster Software and it seemed to work pretty well. It was easy to start it up. I just have to play around with ...
  4. Advertising, Women, and Male Privilege

    Another lecture by Dr. Strangelove.

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  5. The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism

    From a recent uOttawa lecture in my Advertising and Society course, Summer 2014.

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