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  1. Happy Birthday to Me

    My 52 birthday is today. I am not quite as ancient as OldGunny but am getting there . . .

    My next book, Post-TV: Piracy, Cord-Cutting, and the Future of Television, is coming out in June of 2015 and I am busy pitching a fourth project to the University of Toronto Press. I have an awesome job teaching at the University of Ottawa (also a great city), great friends, a lovely wife, a super apartment in downtown Ottawa (with indoor pool and sauna!), good health (I lost 14 pounds this year, ...
  2. What Canada Will Not Tolerate

    Thirty-five years ago, for a very brief time in the summer of 1980 (or perhaps '79) I wore the uniform of a Canadian Naval Reservist (as part of a modest 8 week summer program designed to introduce high school graduates into the military service). I wore the ceremonial white belt, carried the standard rifle fitted with the bayonet, and stayed after hours late in the evenings to train with the honour guard. So when a reservist wearing a white belt carrying a ceremonial rifle (no ammo) with fixed ...
  3. More Journalistic Drivel on the Sociology of Gaming

    From Forbes, one of the worst magazines in print, comes this bit of nonsense:

    Having this experience in a shared space, where the other players were a constant and palpable off-screen presence was, to me, an ideal form of pure social waste, the pleasure of play derived from the befouling of social bonds in a space where the reduction of other people into digital obstacles was self-evidently petty and artificial. The flourishing of ways to get the toxic nectar of digital play in a
    Gaming Industry
  4. New Hardware: HGST 4TB Desktop NAS HDD

    Just bought a new 4 TB Hitachi NAS oriented HDD to replace my pair of aging 1.5 TB Western Digital Green HDDs. Going through the slow process of copying my files and media over now. The older WD Green will go into a development machine and the other might make it into a HDD enclosure to serve as a media repository on the local network. The second WD is a bit faulty considering it sometimes drops completely and/or locks up and doesn't respond. Had me worried so much that I haven't made any file ...
  5. I was all content in my Windows 7 world...

    After 6 hours with a new laptop... and my first encounter with Windows 8... I hate it with a passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I HATE IT!

    I feel like it should have come boxed with an apology and an offer to "downgrade" it to Windows 7 for free.

    Sure, I will get used to it, but I've never felt so much frustration trying to find my way round an OS before.

    Everything about it just feels wrong. I'm about ready ...
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