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  1. Cinematic PS2 Intro & New Special Effects

    My latest video, with new editing features.

  2. BF2:Project Reality returns to TG

    As many of you have probably read, TacticalGamer has given the Green Light for BF2:Project Reality to return to the TacticalGamer server.

    The fun starts tomorrow:
    Opening Day
    When: Sunday, March 24th
    Time: 2pm Eastern/1800 GMT

    Our map list for Opening Day is as follows:

    Vadso City - 32
    Fools Road - 64
    Burning Sands - 16
    Qwai - 64

    Looking forward to hearing and catching up with old ...

    Updated 03-25-2013 at 09:34 PM by Delta*RandyShugart*

  3. Special Effects Test #1

    Spent $200 upgrading my video editor and will waste many hours exploring the new special effects.

    Here is the first one . . .

    Videos , My TG Videos
  4. New Tactical Gamer Promo

    Playing around with a upgraded version of my Corel editing software . . .

  5. Branding and Identity in Online Gaming Communities

    My video editing now includes more branding aspects, including (1) an image uploaded to YouTube that functions as the video thumbnail and includes the TG name, (2) a TG branded Intro, (3) a TG branded Outro, and (4) TG elements in the YouTube description.

    This is the latest example of such branded amateur video production:


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