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  1. Just Another Day at Work

  2. Dad

    I went to Canada's National War Museum today with my father. He told old war stories as we walked by pieces of equipment he worked with during his military service.

    Here he is standing in front of a Sherman tank. He used to work on their communications systems.

  3. Epic is not a word its a noise

    RAF have been flying this valleys for decades, Ive been in exactly the same place but I never saw one this low or sound this awesome
  4. I am Going to Write this Down . . .

    "I am Going to Write this Down"

    Slicktron's words to me after I promised him that I would personally train him in squad leading.

    Slicktron asked if he could take over as SL tonight and I declined, saying he needs further training, but I would personally ensure that he gets the training he needs.

    This is, I believe, the essence of a community like TG -- the willingness to train others in the art of teamwork.

    I believe that anyone ...
  5. Ethnography of Gaming

    With my third book for the University of Toronto Press now in the hands of my editor I am turning my attention back to my hobby, the ethnography of online military gaming. This will probably culminate in yet another book down the road.

    I recently taught a course at the University of Ottawa on online virtual environments, using Celia Pearce's text, Communities of Play: Emergent Cultures in Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds. A good introduction to the kind of autoethnographic project ...

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