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  1. Out of commission... well kinda

    I've been suffering from packet loss to Planetside 2's Mattherson server since early July, it kinda fixed itself for a brief period and isn't as bad during off hours but it's pretty much keeping me out of any real action at the moment.

    I can connect to the west coast servers and the EU servers fine, but all the East coast PS2 servers are bad for me, especially more so at their prime times.
    I don't think the problem is at my end, since I don't have issues elsewhere, but alas, ...
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  2. Dr. Strangelove In Paris

    Part one of a video project.

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  3. Well, goodbye Xfire

    I was still one of those using the archaic and old in game messenger Xfire. Until today. I've uninstalled it, and to be honest it makes me a little sad. Before Steam overlays, before games could reliably alt tab, before in game voip was common, etc etc... There was Xfire. I've been using it since I built my first gaming computer of my own way back in 2006. Well, unfortunately over the years it just became irrelevant - nobody uses it anymore, at least not like they used to.

    Admittedly, ...
  4. 42C in My Man Cave

    And here is how I 'air condition' my cave on the tenth floor . . .

  5. I stream on Twitch.tv


    I'm looking to grow, so if you're interested please feel free to follow.

    I've been streaming The Witcher. I only play it when I stream so the viewers don't miss anything.

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