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  1. The Soviet Federation of Independent Operators Presents: How to Set Up an Ambush

    Couple of guys shot Thane and Abel as they were leaving Stary from an ambush point ...

    ... and then all of OPFOR showed up and told them to stuff some 7.62 and .338 in their pipe and smoke it!

    Tactical considerations brought to you by ...
  2. Back to Work

    Eight months later I finally received the reports from three peer-reviews on my latest manuscript with the University of Toronto Press. This will be my third book with the same press and the second with my editor S.M. which is great as I trust both the press and my editor.

    Just finished my last summer lecture and am free to bang my head against the keyboard for three months as I jump through the next hoop and move the book forward.

    This is the worst part of writing ...
  3. The Art of the Blog

    Here is my latest blog about TG and leadership in virtual environments. I approach blogging as a form of performance art. This blog highlights issues such as virtual identity as performance, multimedia textual production, and the practice of virtual autoethnography.

    I like to play with identity in cyberspace and identify areas of virtual play.

    Check it out here at StandardOperatingProcedures.org.
  4. Sniper Training Plan

    Rage makes a great case for using the VR as a place for training as a sniper. Virtual training rooms for training in virtual warfare.

    This post is a great TG read:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rageq3a View Post
    I'd love that idea BigAl and I agree with the concept of training with little enemy present to promote training and technique and the principle could also be applied to having no enemy present but in firmly held ground. I agree also with the idea of playing with the core players, those who get on PS2 regularly
  5. In one fell swoop Microsoft may have just lost the 'Console War'

    Bravo Microsoft, you have now surpassed EA in poor decisions and once and for all seized the crown for the worst 'Reveal' ever. That EA were standing there on the stage with you when you did it was beautiful. Really, the future of gaming is a giant voice activated remote control for my TV, that will only work in the US, hiding used games behind a paywall and you as a company snooping on your customers with your sinister Kinnect 2 and the potential to limit content viewing per individual personal ...
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