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  1. 11 Minutes in Planetside 2

  2. My New Favourite Game

  3. Improvement

    3.5 hour training session:

    K/D 1 (5/5)
    Score 24,000 (double XP weekend)
    Certs: 108

    Continued practice in the Tarwich Plant AO, trying to regain the objective from the TR. For 24 hours days now the TR have held it.

    Much to be learned from playing the same AO with the same load-out/kit.

    Would take too much time to report on all actions and lessons (and errors!), so will focus on one thought per blog entry, more or less. ...
  4. The Sunderer Specialist's Blog

    Might as well use my blog for recording thoughts about the PS2 Sunderer.

    Once again my Sunderer was destroyed -- my own error. Killed by ThePurpleBaron (rank 41 !?!) in a Vanu fighter jet.

    I was north of Scarred Messa Skydock, retreating as the assault had collapsed, but I tarried too long and was taken on while heading back to base.

    Need to put my Sundie's survival in the forefront of priorities.

    Third time today that I lost the Sunderer ...
  5. TG Dogtag Case Badge

    I thought it would be cool to make some kind of tactical gamer related case art on a semi-recent pc build of mine, I opted for the dogtags.
    The easy part was cutting the design out of hardboard at work using a laser cutter (big time saver!). I was able to fit all the pieces on scrap wood and used two thicknesses to allow the white inner part to be recessed.
    Each tag is 3.5"x5.5" and about 3/8" thick.


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