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  1. Epic is not a word its a noise

    RAF have been flying this valleys for decades, Ive been in exactly the same place but I never saw one this low or sound this awesome
  2. I am Going to Write this Down . . .

    "I am Going to Write this Down"

    Slicktron's words to me after I promised him that I would personally train him in squad leading.

    Slicktron asked if he could take over as SL tonight and I declined, saying he needs further training, but I would personally ensure that he gets the training he needs.

    This is, I believe, the essence of a community like TG -- the willingness to train others in the art of teamwork.

    I believe that anyone ...
  3. Ethnography of Gaming

    With my third book for the University of Toronto Press now in the hands of my editor I am turning my attention back to my hobby, the ethnography of online military gaming. This will probably culminate in yet another book down the road.

    I recently taught a course at the University of Ottawa on online virtual environments, using Celia Pearce's text, Communities of Play: Emergent Cultures in Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds. A good introduction to the kind of autoethnographic project ...
  4. PS2 Trailer Draft Opening

    Working on a new opening title sequence . . .

  5. Communication Best Practices: Guide

    Here is a new guide to some basic best practices in Planetside 2 (or any environment).

    Playing around with my new editing tools . . .

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