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  1. PS2 Trailer Draft Opening

    Working on a new opening title sequence . . .

  2. Communication Best Practices: Guide

    Here is a new guide to some basic best practices in Planetside 2 (or any environment).

    Playing around with my new editing tools . . .

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  3. Cinematic PS2 Intro & New Special Effects

    My latest video, with new editing features.

  4. BF2:Project Reality returns to TG

    As many of you have probably read, TacticalGamer has given the Green Light for BF2:Project Reality to return to the TacticalGamer server.

    The fun starts tomorrow:
    Opening Day
    When: Sunday, March 24th
    Time: 2pm Eastern/1800 GMT

    Our map list for Opening Day is as follows:

    Vadso City - 32
    Fools Road - 64
    Burning Sands - 16
    Qwai - 64

    Looking forward to hearing and catching up with old ...

    Updated 03-25-2013 at 09:34 PM by Delta*RandyShugart*

  5. Special Effects Test #1

    Spent $200 upgrading my video editor and will waste many hours exploring the new special effects.

    Here is the first one . . .

    Videos , My TG Videos

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