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  1. A Year of YouTube Views

  2. Cold Day in Ottawa

  3. SnowCAM 29 DEC 2012

    Felt like throwing up my SnowCAM today to live-stream the pending storm.


    Forecast is changing constantly, but it looks like we're expected to get about 10". The first real snow of the year!
  4. New Reason for Team Killing?

    Odd thing happened today while in Tahwick Tech plant.

    My Sunderer was safely parked inside, plant was under heavy assault that had just begun, and a NC player named Novasphere blew up my Sunderer with C4 (or a mine). Ask him why and he simply said "rolf".

    Curiously, Novasphere was listed as the #3 player in points at the time in that arena.

    After I respawned I noted another deployed Sunderer in another nearby section of the vehicle bay. ...
  5. 11 Minutes in Planetside 2

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