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  1. Play with the mindset of building relationships and friendships

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    Quote Originally Posted by |TG| B View Post
    Simply play with the mindset of building relationships, friendships and mutual respect.
    I`ve been a PC Gamer since dark ages... I lost the track of hours and days spent in virtual battlefields and on forums... What B said above, eloquently and succinctly puts everything in perspective. I am not saying it should be the motivation for everyone but it is the reason and driving force to press the "Join the Server" button for some of us and it changes the otherwise virtual and

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  2. Jounery

    I figured it was a good time to sit down and reflect on the past.

    Tactical Gamer as a whole meant a lot to me as a young adult that considered themselves a avid gamer. While I didnt branch out to many games, I preferred to focus on 1 or 2 and give them my all. BF2142 was my entry and shining star. It became my full time hobby, not because of the game, but because of our TG ideal and the brotherhood we formed. I didn't make a game better, safer, or moderated. I made friends that that ...
  3. WIP - Infantry Guide for PS2/Arma/ Tactical FPS

    Quote Originally Posted by Wicks View Post
    Ok so I'll share what I have been scribbling. Please bear in mind it is very much a work in progress and the ultimate plan is to produce something that applies to more than just PS2. Eventually I aim to tailor it to specific titles such as Arma. Furthermore it does not specifically cover Fireteams at this point, I'm still working on Fireteam and Squad play.

    Ok guys and gals, Infantry Basics. Yeah, I know, everybody knows them don't they. You don't need some grizzly old so and
  4. Infantry platoon "How to guide" + AAR.

    An AAR worth studying:

    Quote Originally Posted by BigGaayAl View Post
    Unfortunately I have neither screenshots or any video to show. So I'd like to start by saying, if you have any media or reports/opinions to add from this night, please post it here!
    So yesterday we ran as an Infantry only platoon. The setup was: all on foot, the only vehicles allowed are a few Sundy's as redundant spawns. Our baseline-spawn was provided by our spawn beacons. Sundy's where used as offensive spawns and occasionally to grab a kit.
  5. Harlem Shake feat. Dr. Strangelove

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