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  1. Warface Beta: First Impressions

    by , 03-17-2013 at 01:26 AM (Spears and Flames and Text Walls, Oh My!)
    So for those of you who've heard of Warface, I just got my closed beta invite yesterday. NDA was recently lifted, so I get to spill the beans immediately after picking up the can.

    Basically, Warface is being marketed as an Free to Play FPS with a micro transaction system. It's being developed by Trion Worlds on CryEngine3. What Warface wants to deliver is an in-depth cooperative mode (think Left 4 Dead meets BF3 Coop) and multiplayer in the same vein as Call of Duty and Medal of ...

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  2. 1stMIP Stratis Campaign Episode 2

    We have room for new and veteran ArmA players. Contact me if you`d like to join our training/scenario sessions.

    March 17 (Sunday) 1300 EST / 1700 GMT

    - This is a persistent ArmA3 campaign in which you join 1st Mechanized Infantry Platoon in their adventures on Stratis Island. All scenarios in the campaign are connected ...

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  3. Idiot Declares Video Games Are Not Art

    I'll use this story in my Pop Culture course at the University of Ottawa to discuss the idiot class known as art critics.

    "A survey of the past 2,500 years of art philosophy offers no support for the classification of games as art."
    A survey of the past 2,500 years of philosophy would provide very weak indications of the classification of women as persons . . .
  4. Armed Assault 3; The wait is over.

    Dont need to say much. Dsl`s great demonstration does the job.

    Other Clips:
    - http://youtu.be/DiLXDwsVlXg
    - http://youtu.be/yLIPW0oIvm8
  5. Play with the mindset of building relationships and friendships

    Quote Originally Posted by John CANavar View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by |TG| B View Post
    Simply play with the mindset of building relationships, friendships and mutual respect.
    I`ve been a PC Gamer since dark ages... I lost the track of hours and days spent in virtual battlefields and on forums... What B said above, eloquently and succinctly puts everything in perspective. I am not saying it should be the motivation for everyone but it is the reason and driving force to press the "Join the Server" button for some of us and it changes the otherwise virtual and

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