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  1. Visualization of Collective Action in a Virtual Environment

    As part of my ongoing ethnographic study of online gaming I made the following representation of platoon movement in PS2.

  2. Electronic Arts CEO to Step Down

    EA appears to have been recyling old ideas for far too long, while Sony is leading in innovative online gaming. BF3 is so 1995, while Planetside 2 pushes the envelop.

    "Riccitiello's tenure coincides with the collapse of the traditional video game industry. EA has struggled as consumers shifted away from packaged games to mobile and social games.
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  3. Arma 3 Campaign Development

    Part one of a 1stMIP Stratis Campaign (ARMA 3) development session. Here we are helping John_C test his new campaign.

    Development Team

    Project Lead - John_C
    Mission Development and Scripting - LoyalGuard and John_C
    Roll Calls / Briefings / AARs - Coridon
    Administration - Grunt
    Videography - E-Male

    Replay in 1080p mode for best picture quality.

    Updated 03-19-2013 at 10:53 AM by E-Male

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  4. Warface Beta: First Impressions

    by , 03-17-2013 at 01:26 AM (Spears and Flames and Text Walls, Oh My!)
    So for those of you who've heard of Warface, I just got my closed beta invite yesterday. NDA was recently lifted, so I get to spill the beans immediately after picking up the can.

    Basically, Warface is being marketed as an Free to Play FPS with a micro transaction system. It's being developed by Trion Worlds on CryEngine3. What Warface wants to deliver is an in-depth cooperative mode (think Left 4 Dead meets BF3 Coop) and multiplayer in the same vein as Call of Duty and Medal of ...

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  5. 1stMIP Stratis Campaign Episode 2

    We have room for new and veteran ArmA players. Contact me if you`d like to join our training/scenario sessions.

    March 17 (Sunday) 1300 EST / 1700 GMT

    - This is a persistent ArmA3 campaign in which you join 1st Mechanized Infantry Platoon in their adventures on Stratis Island. All scenarios in the campaign are connected ...

    Updated 03-23-2013 at 06:07 AM by John CANavar


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