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  1. Another Expectional Aspect of America

    A highly corrupted, politicized voting system.

    A interesting read from the neocon David Frum on the poverty of the American voting system in CNN today.

    If America continues on in its trajectory, elections will not be decided by votes.

    They will be decided by lawyers and a politicized judiciary.

    Six billion dollars spent on the election of the next emperor is a wasteful system.

    Change America.

    The world needs ...
  2. We are not the masters of our own values.

    The opening sentence to my next book:

    We are not the masters of our own values.
    99, 991 words to go . . .

    Dr. Strangelove
  3. Military Rape

    Notes on an Ethnography of Online Gaming

    Good article in The Guardian today about rape in the U.S. military, with estimates as high as one incident per day. Shocking, mostly because it is old news and nothing continues to be done.

    "The statistics revealed in The Invisible War, which won the audience award at this year's Sundance film festival, make shocking reading: a female soldier in combat zones is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy ...
  4. Just Bought a TG Membership Again

    And here is one of the reasons why:

  5. A little Tactical Gamer photo history.

    So, I was going through the server graveyard at my house that contains a lot of OLD hardware. Some of it will get junked, but some of it I just can't get rid of.

    That's the old web and database server that ran Network 42 Tactical Gaming, which was re-branded as Tactical Gamer. The philosophy has never changed, but the name and hardware sure has!

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