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  1. Live Broadcast of My Fishtank

    The first of a series of live broadcasts from the office of Dr. Strangelove.


  2. Is there such thing as a game addict?

    Hello fellow readers, it's been a strange day.
    I was looking over at my email as I get several emails a day from
    different digital distribution game sales sites along the lines of Green Man Gaming,
    Good Old Games, Onlive, EA's Origin store and about 10 others.
    Of course, I also check Steams news at least once a day.

    I was foaming at the mouth about a sale over at Green Man Gaming because I was trying
    to do the math of using a coupon that expires ...
  3. Thank you to TG Pokerface and Hello to all

    Hey there!
    I'm the new guy. green, newbie, fresh-meat, bottom-of-the-totem-pole, tadpole, whipper-snapper, etc 'til you puke.
    Being the new guy, I didn't expect much. I figured I would have to wait until I posted at least 10, deep, thought-
    provoking posts before I could even do anything worth while here.
    I was, to say the least, pleasantly surprised. I was given access to everything normal members have access to
    without having to slay a chipmunk by the light of ...
  4. The Last Chapter

    I just finished an edit of all 86,000 words (with the help of Mrs. Strangelove).

    Now on to complete chapter 8, write the conclusion, finish the introduction, and two months from now submit the manuscript.

    14,000 words to go . . .

    or one very very long word.

    Dr. Strangelove (aka E-Male)
  5. Another Spokesman for a Sports Culture of Cheating

    Interesting New York Times article on Lance Armstrong's career as a drug user.

    The boy cries innocent yet, "more than 10 eyewitnesses who would testify that Armstrong used banned blood transfusions, the blood booster EPO, testosterone and other drugs to win the Tour. Some of Armstrong’s closest teammates, including George Hincapie — one of the most respected American riders — were also expected to testify against him.

    The antidoping agency also said it had blood ...

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