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  1. Just Bought a TG Membership Again

    And here is one of the reasons why:

  2. A little Tactical Gamer photo history.

    So, I was going through the server graveyard at my house that contains a lot of OLD hardware. Some of it will get junked, but some of it I just can't get rid of.

    That's the old web and database server that ran Network 42 Tactical Gaming, which was re-branded as Tactical Gamer. The philosophy has never changed, but the name and hardware sure has!
  3. 100,264 Words

    It is finished.

    Well, not quite.

    Today I sent the 455 page manuscript to my editor at the University of Toronto Press. It will go through various types of reviews, I'll make changes based on the peer-review process, write the index, write the acknowledgements, approve the changes from the copy editor, then it will be finished.

    But the biggest part is done. The rest is mostly waiting and minor details.

    Now on to my next book . . .
  4. Weeks recap

    Well a week down playing PS2 and Arma2:PR. What have I learned so far you say.....I learned that PS2 has a long way to go still and really only is fun when you have TG folks in it, and even then, those times are a little tough. I have learned that PS2 will still be amazing if we apply the right tactics to it. Im thinking that your going to have to play this game sort of like a board game of Risk or something similar. But still it is fun to be able to boot up and run a couple of missions or sorties ...
  5. 98,814 Words

    Completed the final major edit of the manuscript today with a bag of ice on my right foot. Small injury which hopefully will not stop me from running a marathon with my wife this Sunday in Toronto.

    Four years of work comes to a close (almost -- lots of noddley work during the final edit/layout production stage), but the heavy lifting is all but done now.

    I'll spend the next two weeks doing a final literature search for relevant articles published this year and formatting ...

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