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  1. 84,000 Words

    Writing the last chapter.

    This is one where I do the big picture theorizing and explore what online television may do to capitalism.

    Must finish this chapter by the end of July.

    More later . . .
  2. The 1stMIP in Zombie Dreams

    Fragments from our first time as a four member squad in Dayz.

    At minute 13 we are attacked by 3 zombies.

    I made my first zombie kill -- a clean head shot.

    Finestyle killed a cow.

    John cooked steak.


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  3. Zombie Diaries

  4. Military Shooters - "A Matter of Authenticity"

    Note: Will take some time to get through all of this. (20-25 mins) But if you have the time I highly recommend it.

    Original blog post by a Gamespot Editor that criticises how death and other issues are handled in shooters marketing their games as "realistic":

    When did regenerating health become realistic?

    The author of the article and a designer of MoH:Warfighter debating the points in the article:

    A Matter of Authenticity

    Updated 06-16-2012 at 09:53 PM by SharinganTH1422

  5. Always Related

    In my random internet perusings, i sometimes come upon neat articles, pictures and the like. The following video is about an event in the state of Arizona that I was completely unaware of called Big Sandy. Big Sandy is a gun shoot event and it looks incredible. I've been to a few (large?) shoots, but nothing like this. Watching and learning about this really made me grin ear to ear.


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