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  1. The 1stMIP in Zombie Dreams

    Fragments from our first time as a four member squad in Dayz.

    At minute 13 we are attacked by 3 zombies.

    I made my first zombie kill -- a clean head shot.

    Finestyle killed a cow.

    John cooked steak.


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  2. Zombie Diaries

  3. Military Shooters - "A Matter of Authenticity"

    Note: Will take some time to get through all of this. (20-25 mins) But if you have the time I highly recommend it.

    Original blog post by a Gamespot Editor that criticises how death and other issues are handled in shooters marketing their games as "realistic":

    When did regenerating health become realistic?

    The author of the article and a designer of MoH:Warfighter debating the points in the article:

    A Matter of Authenticity

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  4. Always Related

    In my random internet perusings, i sometimes come upon neat articles, pictures and the like. The following video is about an event in the state of Arizona that I was completely unaware of called Big Sandy. Big Sandy is a gun shoot event and it looks incredible. I've been to a few (large?) shoots, but nothing like this. Watching and learning about this really made me grin ear to ear.

  5. I miss this place so much.

    I've been a member of this website for five years now. I remember discovering this amazing group of people after seeing Orca's videos about teamwork and how much he enjoyed playing on the servers back in the 2142 days. Thinking back on those days, I remember becoming a supporting member to join up with the 21st when it was formed. Then moving onto the 8th. I have such great memories and sad memories from those times. It always seemed like the IHS I was in was involved in some sort of controversy ...

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