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  1. DayZ - I'M ALIVE! Foreign Ops and running half a marathon home.

    by , 07-09-2012 at 03:51 AM (Spears and Flames and Text Walls, Oh My!)
    So first things first, tonight's foreign ops raid went over really well. For those of you with access to the DayZ private forum, here's the link for some of the non-public details.

    The results:
    Quote Originally Posted by Zhohar View Post
    Abel: 2 kills + 1 disconnect (confirmed kill)
    Zho: 2 kills
    Lancer: frag grenade + shots on target - possible disconnect

    Friendly deaths:
    - Reinhold: retreived all his gear back.
    - Bronco: shot and killed.

    After Bronco got killed,
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  2. Background Sounds Help Calm the Nerves in Space

    I have found that I keep going back to this video to calm my nerves in EVE Online:

    and sometimes, I just play Claudia's channel in the background. It's keeps my space paranoia in check.

  3. Back in the Saddle

    Been a good 9 or so years since I sold my RF600RR, but as of last week, I'm back in the saddle again!

    This photo was from this past weekend. Gandparents took the rug-rats, so me and Mrs.Six rode to the movies (prometheus - it was ok). She's on a 1985 Rebel 250, bobbed with a solo seat, swing-arm mounted rear-fender, drag bars, and a ratty, satin-black, rattle-canned tank.

    Last week, ...

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  4. DayZ - Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

    by , 07-01-2012 at 09:19 PM (Spears and Flames and Text Walls, Oh My!)
    1 July 2012 - Polana, Chernarus

    It started off with Peterson's discovery of a helicopter crash in Polana, in the NE region of the map. The group that assembled to raid it consisted of Peterson and LpBronco; who were first to arrive at the site, and HiTest and myself; who arrived sometime later. I had been following HiTest on a raid into Berezino earlier in the evening, and LpBronco was attempting to work his way in to join us as he had just returned from dinner. Peterson had been ...
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  5. 84,000 Words

    Writing the last chapter.

    This is one where I do the big picture theorizing and explore what online television may do to capitalism.

    Must finish this chapter by the end of July.

    More later . . .

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