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  1. Dr. Strangelove Lectures on Amateur Video Culture

    From my uOttawa Popular Culture and Communication course, fall 2012.

  2. ArmA Big Multi Community Event - Op. Venomous Strike

    Just wanna make sure you all know that Oct 6th at 2pm EST (New York Time) we are embarking on a massive COOP mission in ArmA2.

    Here it is, it is what you guys have been dreaming about. Large scale combined arms assault with air and ground support.

    Operation: Venomous Strike is set in the world of Chenarus. Opfor have been in the region for too long and we are making a final attempt to push
  3. Battlefield Fashion: Episode #1

    My latest video. Groovy baby, groovy.

  4. Some of My Buddies

  5. Dr. Strangelove's Keyboard

    A live video feed of me typing as I work on my next book.

    Feed will be live until 5 PM EST (TG server time).

    Wheeee . . .

    My Videos

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