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  1. A New Armed Assault Favorite; ACE + ACRE + Combat Ops MSO combination

    I am a big fan of simulations with sandbox/dynamic mission structure and I found a new favorite TG ArmA Bravo server vets were keeping as a secret. It is a dynamic mission called Patrol OPS MSO.

    My initial impressions and questions are here

    Info on MSO is here

    Info on Patrol Ops is here

    It is amazing to see the features we were dreaming years ago becoming a part of our game, thanks to the hardwork of truly fantastic scripters/programmers/mission ...

    Updated 10-08-2012 at 04:50 AM by John CANavar

  2. 97,413 Words

    My goal is 100,000 by reading week (last week of October) so I am going to make it.

    I finished the first complete version of the manuscript. Now I'll spend 3 weeks adding bits of data here and there, then format the text for the peer review process and send it to the University of Toronto Press on Oct 31, 12 days before my 50th birthday.

    And then after my birthday I'll begin writing my 5th book.


    From the conclusion:
  3. And so it begins.....

    I have taken off some time from my hobby and TG. The reasons number many but that might be for another post.....

    Since my 'return' I have come to love Arma2:PR. My goal is to start to post more and get more activity into our forums at TG for this mod. I know at one point we had a server and such but I do not know what happened to it, be it a lack of administration ON the server, the server administrators themselves, issues with the DEVs and our administration....whatever, the point ...
  4. The Army Run

    This was the 5th year in a row that my wife and I have run the Army Run 1/2 marathon!

  5. The Canada Party

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