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  1. 30,200 Words

    Completed so far on the new book. 49,800 to go!

    Contract arrived from the University of Toronto Press the other day.

    Trying to complete the manuscript by September, ahead of schedule.

    Here is a sentence (rather long one) from the draft:

    "Television piracy is widespread, normative behaviour among the young, pervasive in many foreign markets, thus far beyond legal or technological remedies, and likely to grow with the inevitable deployment ...
  2. You ever have one of those moments??....

    You ever have one of those moments in the game that at the time is so hyper and charged that your not just at the edge of your seat but your stomping on it. How is it that sometimes those moments of frustration & intensity become some of your favorite moments from a game?

    My case in point:

    Last Tuesday on the Tactical Tuesday mission of SML I was a FTL under the command of Colin as SL. My FT had the lead Humvee in the convoy enroute from our position up north to ...
  3. Sarge's sixupdater setup check list

    I have been meaning to do this for awhile now and thought it would be beneficial for all to have a Check list to follow when helping a friend or someone new to our server set up SIXUPDATER.

    I am going to only list the steps to follow to help guide you. Sorry no pictures as you can find them already posted in Dredge's thread "Everything you need" thread.

    1. After d/ld'g Six, have them retrieve the ALPHA and BRAVO server YML's, found in the Communities area ...

    Updated 04-28-2012 at 11:25 AM by SARGE

  4. Copying Woof...

    ... who apparently copied me, although I think that was only in terms of using blog posts because they're the only things we can actually edit. So, I shall also be using this little blog post thing to document missions I'm making, etc. I'm mainly mission making for Bravo, although most missions are probably easily transferable to Alpha too, although likely lacking some nuances. Anyway!

    _____CO34 Fish 'n' Chips_____
    Still Testing


    Updated 03-23-2012 at 08:17 PM by Athanasa

  5. New maps in testing on the TG Alpha ArmA server

    Taking a cue from |TG-Irr| Pepper, I'll be using this blog as a way to document and update missions that I am testing on the Alpha server (mostly because we can continue to edit blogs, but not posts in threads).

    The three maps I currently have up on Alpha are:

    Operation Manticore Part I -- A US Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA, or A-team) and their militia allies are tasked with eliminating two enemy commanders in their Area of Operations (AO) (Zargabad). ...

    Updated 04-12-2012 at 04:27 AM by woof


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