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  1. The Hunt for E-Male

    As a result of posting videos to Battlelog individuals try to prove themselves against me because of my different playstyle. This leads to players trying to hunt me down and kill me and make a film of the event. Like this one:

    A curious aspect of "micro-celebrity" culture in online gaming? Certainly something new to me and, I think, rather rare in the genre of virtual videography.

    Of course, it is ...
  2. 127,000 Views . . .

    The 1stMIP YouTube channel I created back in October 2011 now has over 127,000 views and is growing at a rate of over 1,000 views a day. Too bad I cannot monetize in-game video!

    The channel has a fair amount of subscriber churn (I think most people expect frag videos) but growth is solid with a few new subscribers every day and a total of 358 so far.

    Comments are more negative than positive, but I am not trying to win a popularity contest or make converts.

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  3. More Feedback from YouTube Viewers

    Some more recent feedback from the 1stMIP videos on YouTube. I appreciate the feedback, but the professor in me cringes at the often appalling spelling and grammar . . .

    Great communication, Bad gameplay
    Very professional operation love the way you guys role proper.
    nice teamwork! to much rambo's spoil this game.
    Nothing is more epic than a highly organized squad encountering another organized squad. 
    They killed
  4. :d

  5. The Best Video Feedback

    Today I will create and upload my 100th video for the 1stMIP YouTube Channel in the BF3 series.

    Sometimes I wonder if the videos effect the way people think about, and play, the game. Here is feedback I received today:

    After 47+ hours playing this game, which is a lot for me, and I'd eventually scratch the surface of the depth that this game has. Less than 5 of your videos watched, and it's like you popped the top off of this puppy and showcased just how deep
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