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  1. My Latest Build

    Disclaimer: No matter how much knowledge I've acquired or experience I've gained with firearms, it is a subject I will never consider myself more than an amateur of. The opinions expressed here are nothing more than that.

    I've been thinking about making my first blog for a while now, so decided to go with my other hobby....

    -Smith & Wesson M&P15 lower - standard four position stock ...
  2. The better way to do huge stat sig images

    1) Generate signature image
    2) get image URL
    3) Embed the image in a blog post like so:

    4) Link the blog post in your signature
    5) profit!

    (assumes self-updating signature images)
  3. New TG Members in Action: Red Dwarf

    Here is a video that shows, in the background, a new TG member, Red Dwarf in action. Red was under my command manning a gun on the boat in this video.

  4. The Ignominy of Defense

    My videos that record a defensive posture often attract a fair amount of negative comments, which I believe arises from the dominant run and gun mentality of many young gamers. Consider a few of the comments posted in reply to the following two-video record of our defense of the TV station:

    ok matey, but how fun is it to just "drive around" on a FPS game ?!?!

    Updated 01-07-2012 at 04:47 PM by E-Male

  5. Sitting in the couch crying

    World champions 2012!

    31 years of silver and bronze medals.

    I'm sobbing like a baby and the commentators are doing the same... !!!!!!!!!

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