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  1. 20,000 Words

    Just crossed the 20,000 word mark last week -- the book is now 25% done.

    And yesterday my editor told me that the University of Toronto publishing committee approved my book proposal so a contract is in the mail.

    60,000 words to go . . .

    Here is a sentence from the manuscript:

    "With as much as 95 per cent of all downloaded music falling into the category of piracy we can soundly declare that the attempt to change consumer behaviour ...
  2. 30 Minute Record of 1stMIP

    This is the longest video I have ever posted to YouTube, and may be the longest video made by a TGer!

    Warning -- it is long.

  3. Back... 1st: India, gaming and outsourcing: an uncomfortable truth.

    Hi all.

    I had written one blog post in India, but then it was on an apple computer and apparently safari does not remember posts if sending fails...Stupid apple, I hope Steve Jobs reincarnated as one!

    My plan to write certainly did fail hard, as 4 of my 6 weeks in India were spent without electricity or running water on a beach with a bunch of hippies. Therefore I plan to make a series of smaller posts describing various things of interest. Today is the first post. ...
  4. Why Use Tactics

    A comment from a Battlelog forum regarding one of my videos:

    Why use tactics? It's a video game! Have fun with some friends! It's fun to be good at a game but special tactics for it? I think that's a little too far. We're not Special Forces soldiers. We're all just people playing a video game that was created for people to have fun and not acting like professionals.
    Why indeed.
  5. 10,000 Words

    At 12:32 PM (EST) today my new book (in progress) just reached 10,000 words. I find the first 10,000 to be much harder than the last 10,000. By the time I reach half-way, a book tends to come poring off my fingers as I type. But the first ten thousand is a painful journey as I grope for the main threads of the subject and slowly discover what exactly is the subject I am writing about. A book slowly reveals itself to the author. Each new paragraph and each new page sheds light on the next.

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