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  1. Sitting in the couch crying

    World champions 2012!

    31 years of silver and bronze medals.

    I'm sobbing like a baby and the commentators are doing the same... !!!!!!!!!
  2. 60,000 Views

    Not as many as Exploding Silver's 2 million views, but 60,000 views on the [TG] 1stMIP YouTube channel in three months ain't bad.

    The 95 comments are what I like the most. The feedback ranges from intelligent and helpful to childish and hateful (to say nothing of homophobic). All providing deeper insight to the culture of YouTube and online gaming and of great interest to me in my research and writing about amateur videography and online cultural production.

    This is ...
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  3. One Squad Leading: Part Two

    The goal of squad leading in the virtual environment of military games is not to emulate the specific manner of squad leading in real life. For now I'll not go into the many reasons why this would be an error. For those acquainted with online military first person shooters such as Battlefield 3 such an digression is unnecessary. Having said this, it must also be said that much is to be learned from real life tactics, strategies, and the standard operating procedures of infantry squads.

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  4. Notable Opinions

    Here is the first in a series of notable opinions I have found in TG threads:

    Quote Originally Posted by Gregos View Post
    Personally i have noticed a huge difference between TG's bf3 servers and others, i have played with TG since bf2 and quite frankly i ALWAYS see the huge difference between regular servers and TG's mostly because people play on TG for the team play. In my opinion because people come to TG to play proper team co-ordination, the negative effects of selfishness that are associated with the progression system
  5. The Beauty of Gray

    This is a song from one of my favorite bands, Live. It seems kind of appropriate in light of recent discussions.

    "...The perception that divides you from him
    Is a lie
    For some reason you never asked why
    This is not a black and white world
    You can't afford to believe in your side

    This is not a black and white world
    To be alive
    I say that the colours must swirl
    And I believe ...

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