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  1. MS VC++ redistributable and broken USB ports

    * Can't launch Squad because MS VC++ Redistributable isn't correctly installed.
    * The USB ports on my motherboard randomly stop working for 5-10 seconds every 2-3 hrs.

    Working on both of those, just an FYI in case anyone was wondering why Zhoey's been afk for a bit.
  2. Climate Crisis, Capitalism, and the Internet

    Another lecture by Dr. Strangelove . . .

  3. The Swarm

    Just watch Starcraft 2 - Heart of the Swarm - The Movie

    Great fun. I have no idea what the game is like.

  4. Dr. Strangelove Speaks . . .

    A book review of Philip N. Howard's Pax Technica. I used this book this semester as a course textbook.

    My Videos , University
  5. 20 Years Ago I was in London

    And a BBC crew followed me around for a day. This was the result:

    E-Male Speaks

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