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  1. The Best Video Feedback

    Today I will create and upload my 100th video for the 1stMIP YouTube Channel in the BF3 series.

    Sometimes I wonder if the videos effect the way people think about, and play, the game. Here is feedback I received today:

    After 47+ hours playing this game, which is a lot for me, and I'd eventually scratch the surface of the depth that this game has. Less than 5 of your videos watched, and it's like you popped the top off of this puppy and showcased just how deep
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  2. Common Mistakes: #10

    Another in the video series on common errors made in any game . . .

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  3. 1stMIP YouTube Channel New Look

    Sexy, subversive, deadly -- the new look . . .

  4. old songs

  5. E-Male's Tactical Meme Video

    I have been having much fun posting videos to the Battlelog forum Gameplay Hlep/Tips and reading the many comments. Some viewers went to tthe trouble to make "memes" that poke fun at me. I love these images and thought they deserved to be turned in a video. Maybe a viral video . . .

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