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  1. I helped support SOPA / PIPA / ACTA and DMCA... And I'm ashamed.

    Last night I did a little bit of thinking about ACTA, SOPA, PIPA and the DMCA. I started to feel overly disgusted with the MPAA, RIAA and their affiliated labels and studios. I felt disgusted with the way that our politicians are bought and sold with lobbying dollars by the industry. Then I had a horrible realization; I helped fund these very things that I despise. I helped fund the studios and thereby the industry associations through my media purchasing history. For every dollar I spent buying ...
  2. 100,000 Views

    The 1stMIP YouTube channel just hit 100,000 views last night.

    87 Videos
    6,609 Channel Views
    322 Subscribers
    535 Dislikes

    Most viewed video (6,415)

    For the past three days the daily views have been over 2,300 per day.

    Each video includes strong tacticalgamer.com branding elements to help promote the community.

    The 1stMIP is using the in-game footage of our play to conduct ...
  3. More Battlelog Feedback

    Some more interesting comments from viewers of my videos on Battlelog:

    I've said before that E-Male's vids do have interesting qualities so long as you critically appraise them and take only what is of use to you. I'm glad to see that E-Male is, at very least, finding a game mode where his esoteric, essentially roleplaying, style and the objectives of the game overlap. I've also said before that it's great that people are thinking about this game and how it's played. If their
  4. How to Create a Whisper List

    This is my first shot at a techie "How to" guide. Whisper is a great tool for talking to a specific individual or group of individuals in teamspeak.

    Whisper Lists on Teamspeak: A "How To" Guide

    Videos , My TG Videos
  5. Depression

    I've harped on this before and it's time I bring it up again.

    If you're feeling sad all of the time, the things you enjoy are losing their luster, you don't want to hang out with your friends, you don't want to even talk to your friends, you start feeling hopeless or you feel empty, seek out professional help.

    I've suffered with depression for a long time. I was raised with the family mindset of, everyone can benefit from therapy at some point in their life. I realize ...

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