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  1. TG Dog Tags

    Just another one of my blog spams, 'cause TG allows me to edit my blogs but not my forum posts. So I'll use this to monitor my progress on the TG Dog Tags.

    To Do
    Poke Apophis re trademark status of Tactical Gamer name
    Laser cut a prototype
    Text setup and contents

    Prototype outline
    Stencil for future tags

    [X] My toolbox at my workbench. The thing with the red tube is the blowtorch, which I ...
  2. Too Much ArmA When...

    Just a compilation of the replies from this post, because the forums won't let me edit it.

    You know you play too much ArmA when...
    ... you shout out to your squad that you can hear a chopper, mashing Z to hit the deck. After spinning your character around a few times, you realise it's a chopper in real life.
    ... you only realised it was in real life because turning your character in-game couldn't locate the compass bearing of the sound.
    ... you start looking for ...

    Updated 12-12-2011 at 05:01 AM by Athanasa

  3. Stop Bleeding!

    I just died in your arms tonight,
    Must have been something you did.
    You should have used bandages,
    Not a morphine shot.

    Then again, at least I can rest in the knowledge that my poor character probably died happily. In the sky. With diamonds.

    Most of last night’s PR match was spent hiding in and around the mine from angry British troops. I even managed to shoot two of them, but only because I accidentally walked into them as they tried to stealthily ...
  4. A Short Story Thing

    A write-up of a random skirmish on PR:ArmA, in prose form, from the character's point of view. Still working out how to write this sort of thing, or even if it's worth writing. Gotta say, this short story thing turned out to be pretty horrible (as in, horrible things happen), not really sure if it's the right message to be sending out about the stuff that goes on when I try to play.

    Constructive criticism welcome, as well as compliments and so forth (even better if you ...

    Updated 12-06-2011 at 07:47 PM by Athanasa

  5. Swearing on in-game chat. Why do you do it?

    An old topic for TG, yet with new games, members and visitors we continue to see our servers' chat screens fill up with profanity.

    While players are obviously free to swear at home, here at TG and on other servers swearing is prohibited on TS and in-game chat. I've seen and heard rebuttle to the no swearing policy with reasons like "The game swears, why can't I swear", "Mature people swear too", and "But I'm just decribing what a terrible player so and so ...

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