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  1. Swearing on in-game chat. Why do you do it?

    An old topic for TG, yet with new games, members and visitors we continue to see our servers' chat screens fill up with profanity.

    While players are obviously free to swear at home, here at TG and on other servers swearing is prohibited on TS and in-game chat. I've seen and heard rebuttle to the no swearing policy with reasons like "The game swears, why can't I swear", "Mature people swear too", and "But I'm just decribing what a terrible player so and so ...
  2. Alpha Server and Irregulars

    Threw in an application for the Irregulars on... Thursday, maybe? I could scuttle around the forums to check, but I won't. Anyway, got my first game with these awesome guys yesterday on the ArmA Alpha server (after about two hours of using remote assistance to try to get Bravo working, which didn't happen because the recent PR patch was conflicting)., on the Domination 2 map, against AI.

    Before I go into detail, I'd like to throw a huge thanks out to the following people (sorry if ...
  3. More Ways to Die

    Battlefield 3: Common Mistakes (Lesson #7)
    Videos , My TG Videos
  4. First PR:ArmA Game

    Played my first PR:ArmA game yesterday, and it was awesome. In a squad of pretty much three guys, and I think that for once I even managed to kill some enemies, although I think that was mainly due to getting lucky while I pathetically tried to spray bullets at some vague enemy location while one of my squaddies that actually knew what he was going tried to flank... I think there was only one guy left by the time he got there. Good times. Later, I got myself cornered in a building surrounded by ...
  5. YouTube Views Analysis: Month #1

    These charts tell an interesting story of the viewership of the 1stMIP YouTube channel (+24,000 views).

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