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  1. The better way to do huge stat sig images

    1) Generate signature image
    2) get image URL
    3) Embed the image in a blog post like so:

    4) Link the blog post in your signature
    5) profit!

    (assumes self-updating signature images)
  2. New TG Members in Action: Red Dwarf

    Here is a video that shows, in the background, a new TG member, Red Dwarf in action. Red was under my command manning a gun on the boat in this video.

  3. The Ignominy of Defense

    My videos that record a defensive posture often attract a fair amount of negative comments, which I believe arises from the dominant run and gun mentality of many young gamers. Consider a few of the comments posted in reply to the following two-video record of our defense of the TV station:

    ok matey, but how fun is it to just "drive around" on a FPS game ?!?!

    Updated 01-07-2012 at 03:47 PM by E-Male

  4. Sitting in the couch crying

    World champions 2012!

    31 years of silver and bronze medals.

    I'm sobbing like a baby and the commentators are doing the same... !!!!!!!!!
  5. 60,000 Views

    Not as many as Exploding Silver's 2 million views, but 60,000 views on the [TG] 1stMIP YouTube channel in three months ain't bad.

    The 95 comments are what I like the most. The feedback ranges from intelligent and helpful to childish and hateful (to say nothing of homophobic). All providing deeper insight to the culture of YouTube and online gaming and of great interest to me in my research and writing about amateur videography and online cultural production.

    This is ...
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