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  1. YouTube Views Analysis: Month #1

    These charts tell an interesting story of the viewership of the 1stMIP YouTube channel (+24,000 views).

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  2. Yet another Steam Sale

    Your wallet is never safe. That's right - another Steam Sale. Summer Sale. Fall Sale. Autumn Sale. Christmas Sale.

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  3. Hello, friends.

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny D View Post
    I was recently banned for asking a few questions regarding the rules regarding the server.

    My first question was if I could be banned if my character said things such as:

    "****, I'm getting my **** pushed in here."
    "I'm getting ****ed up the ass over here!"

    Also, I asked if it is okay for me to equip the "Peekaboo, **** You" dog tag.

    I'm just quite sure how to differentiate between what is okay between
  4. 13,000 Views

    The 1stMIP YouTube channel is barely a month old and has accumulated 13,000 views (more than the TacticalGamer.com channel!). Each 1stMIP video carries TG branding and includes TG information and links in the description.

    Here is the latest one:

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  5. The Avocado's argument for the end of the MW3 vs. BF3 debate

    Modern War-fail 3...

    Yup that about sums it up. I will do my best not to give spoilers to anyone who actually cares but I feel the need to rant a little.

    Seriously!?!?!? Really?!?!? That is the best you can do? You give me a game using the same graphics engine as MW2. It isn't even as pretty as Black Ops was! Okay...fine...I can get over the graphics because you must have spent all your time and money writing an amazing story, right? Please. FAIL! The ...

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