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  1. The Avocado's argument for the end of the MW3 vs. BF3 debate

    Modern War-fail 3...

    Yup that about sums it up. I will do my best not to give spoilers to anyone who actually cares but I feel the need to rant a little.

    Seriously!?!?!? Really?!?!? That is the best you can do? You give me a game using the same graphics engine as MW2. It isn't even as pretty as Black Ops was! Okay...fine...I can get over the graphics because you must have spent all your time and money writing an amazing story, right? Please. FAIL! The ...
  2. Mohr Stories podcast - This week Colin Quinn

    Podcast #2 of his is one of my favs along with ticket to Randy land which goes into the real dark side of addiction which is funny but so messed up.

    Check out this weeks podcast Colin Quinn is the guest, Mohr does he awesome Walken Impression, they talk about James Caan and one of my fav 80's movie - Alien Nation

    It's funny, it really is and: IT'S FREE!!

    Here's the link:

    Check out this podcast on iTunes, look for mohr's Quinn impression see if ...
  3. [BF3] Use Steam Overlay in Battlefield 3

    by , 11-12-2011 at 01:55 PM (Spears and Flames and Text Walls, Oh My!)
    All credit for this goes to Pasqu0 on the EA UK Forums and this post.

    Since so many of us use Steam, having to shift over to Origin's community system has been a minor irritant at least, and a crime against PC gaming at the worst, depending on your personal opinion. Well fear not fellow Steam users, because here is a valid workaround! This will allow you to run the steam overlay in Battlefield 3 and Origin's overlay at the same time.

    1. Go to your Steam Library and ...

    Updated 11-26-2011 at 01:16 AM by TheLancerMancer

  4. Just 5 days away.....

  5. BF3 - Think before you speak

    For those who don't get this image...

    Here in America we have an anti-gay slur campaign for teens. It's often seen in malls. It is usually a high contrast black and white image of a teenager with an anti-bully message in bright yellow. It's expanded from strictly anti-gay slur to anti-bully. It's actually pretty well done. This is a parody I found on 4chan last night.

    Haters gonna hate BF3.

    Cheers, ...
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