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  1. Mobile Gaming (Oh, and my first Blog Post :3)

    Hello TG!

    This is my very first blog post; wish me luck!

    Lately I have been playing lots of mobile games, mainly the mobile versions of Dead Space and Bad Company 2. It has been a pleasant surprise to see an upward spike in the quality in gameplay and graphics as well as new features such as more and more games using Apple's Game Center. As an iPhone gamer, I confess that I lack knowledge in the Android gaming world, but I would be surprised to hear of improvements ...
  2. One of My Favorites

    A simple video with a BF3 "slice of life" captures so much of what I love about the game.

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  3. More Video Feedback

    Here is some more of the feedback I have been getting on YouTube from my TG 1stMIP videos.

    Most of the viewers appear to have little understanding of the potential of cohesive teamwork within a squad. The most frequent comment is "too slow" -- an indication of the run and gun mentality that pervades the game. There appears to be very little understanding of the role of defense. Many individuals clearly think that the number one priority is to move as fast as you can. ...
  4. India Bound.

    I leave for six weeks of India in about an hour. I usually write a blog somwhere, but sparked by the interest of some TG-ers I figured I would write it here this time around. And who knows, maybe it might inspire some of the fans of american exceptionalism of which there seem to be suite a bit in TG, to travel themselves one day and learn about different culture. Failing that, I'll aim to spark at least an interest in other cultures, and the exceptional wisdom and creativity that exists ...
  5. 50,000 Views

    The 1stMIP channel has just hit 50,000 views. Not bad considering that the first video was posted 4 Oct 2011.

    Each video has prominent TG branding elements to help promote our community.

    Traffic sources are interesting:

    29% YouTube suggested video
    26% External website
    13.5% YouTube channel page
    11% Mobile apps and direct traffic

    Current rate of growth is 500 views per day.

    The most popular series appears ...

    Updated 12-13-2011 at 12:38 PM by E-Male

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