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  1. The Beauty of Gray

    This is a song from one of my favorite bands, Live. It seems kind of appropriate in light of recent discussions.

    "...The perception that divides you from him
    Is a lie
    For some reason you never asked why
    This is not a black and white world
    You can't afford to believe in your side

    This is not a black and white world
    To be alive
    I say that the colours must swirl
    And I believe ...
  2. On Squad Leading: Part One

    On Squad Leading:
    Reflections of Leadership in Virtual Environments
    Part 1

    Keeping in mind that there is no one correct way to lead people in any environment, the following series of blog posts attempts to distill what I have learned about leadership in the virtual environment of online first person shooter military games.

    This discussion of leadership will necessarily involve an analysis of related matters such as virtual community, conflict, communication, ...

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  3. Interesting Video Feedback

    From a post to the 1stMIP.com blog:
    Just a short note to say how much I have enjoyed your videos and hope you keep producing them. They tap into what is the huge potential offered by BF3 for satisfying, exciting, and meaningful gaming.

    I am older than Dirt, and have been gaming since God was a Corporal……since Pong anyway. I have played them all……I have come to be totally fed up with the most common form of gameplay out there….”run-an-gun”. What your videos demonstrate
  4. Mobile Gaming (Oh, and my first Blog Post :3)

    Hello TG!

    This is my very first blog post; wish me luck!

    Lately I have been playing lots of mobile games, mainly the mobile versions of Dead Space and Bad Company 2. It has been a pleasant surprise to see an upward spike in the quality in gameplay and graphics as well as new features such as more and more games using Apple's Game Center. As an iPhone gamer, I confess that I lack knowledge in the Android gaming world, but I would be surprised to hear of improvements ...
  5. One of My Favorites

    A simple video with a BF3 "slice of life" captures so much of what I love about the game.

    Videos , My TG Videos

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