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  1. Tactical Take-Over Events; A big step in the right direction for PR: ArmA

    TG ArmA admin team may have found a very practical and promising solution to improve organization and teamwork in PR: ArmA.

    I havent joined yet but judging by the comments, this seems to be working out very nice.

    Visit PR: ArmA forums for more info. See you at the main base

    Quote Originally Posted by John CANavar View Post
    Hello gents,

    I dont know how this all started but looks like these "tactical take-over" events hit the bull's eye.

    Detailed events takes
  2. Strong

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a Nord. But you don't need to be a true Son of Skyrim to know that there's something wrong in this province when Elves can live openly in society, but our kids can't openly worship Talos. As Dragonborn, I'll end the Thalmor's war on religion. Talos made Skyrim strong. He can make her strong again.

    I'm Dovahkiin, and I approve of this message.
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  3. The Two-Squad Platoon

    A powerful force -- two squads working together to control the same sector. Here is how the 1stMIP does it.

    Videos , My TG Videos
  4. A Tactical Statement

    Some thoughts from our 1stMIP platoon leader on BF3 tactics . . .

    Videos , My TG Videos
  5. Operation Land & Sea - Dec. 3rd/4th, 2011

    Just thought it'd be nice to share my AAR with the rest of the Community.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZephyrDark View Post
    Apologies if I missed anybody's IHS, clan, or screwed up your name. This AAR was written to best of my memory and notes taken during and directly after the mission.

    Google Docs Link : "Dec. 4th, 2011 : Op Land and Sea - AAR"

    Game: ArmA2 Combined Operations
    Server: TacticalGamer.com ArmA2 - Alpha Server (Vanilla)
    Mission CO: Blackpython, [31st RECCE]

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