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  1. Basic HazMat Techinician

    Last week were the first 2 classes, 6:30-10:30 with a few ten minute breaks here and there = which is smart, because even in a 2 hr lecture its a smart idea, it gets everyone a chance to stand up, hit the head, etc so you don't have as many people falling asleep.

    Anyways, holy crow there is a lot of stuff, its just not stuff, its some chemistry mixed in, its the 9 classes of what the DOT regulates from Explosives to Poisons, which radioactive materials mixed in and flammable gases ...
  2. New 1stMIP Intro Clip

    Just made this for use as an into clip to future 1stMIP videos (sound will be customized with each video) . . .

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  3. "TG was created to cater to a VERY specific type of gamer..."

    Quote Originally Posted by Apophis View Post
    Welcome to TG, Chachy!

    The short answer is this; 3D spotting is a gamey feature that is not in-line with Tactical Gamer's objectives. There are an awful lot of people that don't understand that Tactical Gamer has a very specific objective in terms of gaming and those objectives are rooted in the Tactical Gamer Primer.

    Additionally, Tactical Gamer is not a democracy. The manner in which we support games is not based on popular opinion. If you look around the net
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  4. Introducing the 1stMIP

    I would like to make a collection of all TG IHS promo videos. Here is one I made, in two versions. The first with a Dire Straits sound track (thus on Vimeo) and the second with a sound track that is CC licensed.

    Send me links to any other TG IHS promo videos, please.

    Feedback/comments appreciated.

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  5. Training Videos and Production Styles

    Of late I have been working on developing a characteristic and consistent style of videography around the theme of training (online military FPS games).

    The necessary elements of the style, incorporated into each video, is a consistent look and feel executed through repeated design and branding elements.

    Each video is linked at the beginning and at the end to the TG community though the branding video clips made by TG members. They are also linked to the 1stMIP IHS, ...

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    Videos , My TG Videos

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