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  1. Greedy Facebook: Profit Sharing and Social Networks

    The problem with Facebook is not that it is public or lacking in privacy controls (it is silly to think that any real privacy exists on the Internet). The problem with Facebook is that it is greedy. There is no clear path to profits for the individual user. No equivalent of Google' Adsense, nothing like YouTube's monitization feature.

    Google+, which I am a member, but have little use for, also has no profit sharing features -- and the same goes with LinkedIn (useless to me).

    Updated 09-14-2011 at 11:50 AM by E-Male

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  2. Social networks eat up Americans' online time

    Very Interesting article, read below:


    Social networks eat up Americans' online time

    Nielsen report shows social networking has reached 'killer app' status, one analyst notes
    By Sharon Gaudin, Computerworld
    September 12, 2011 07:50 PM ET
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    A new survey shows that Americans are increasingly transfixed with social ...
  3. My 9/11

    This 11 minute film captures how I choose to remember 9/11. Not the religious fanatics, or the other religious fanatics, the unjust wars, or the 'merika fukyeah' t-shirts and magnetic stickers. I choose to remember the people that helped other people; not because they shared the same religion, race, or political-leanings, but simply because they were people that needed helping.

  4. Leave SpongeBob Alone!

    In this latest episode of Pooched in the Dome, we implore psychologists to leave SpongeBob Squarepants alone.

  5. 9/11: What Needs to be Re-Remembered

    There is much to remember on 9/11 anniversaries, but the most important issues are overlooked in the media feeding frenzy and the politicized state-sponsored memorials of the tragedy.

    John R. MacArthur, publisher of Harper's Magazine, highlights the hypocrisy and hidden agenda of the official narrative of a supposedly innocent America promoted by “opportunistic politicians”. By now anyone who reads beyond Fox News should know that Bin Laden was a former CIA asset, that the two post ...
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