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  1. Glory of Wantilan page 14

    * * *

    Her travels this day was not a hard one. She stopped in a town about a mile back and had stolen a crafty looking short sword and about sixty or so gold crowns in a pouch. She was a pretty skillful thief back in the day before she trained to be a mage. Still she was not skillful enough or she didnít travel at a quick enough pace. Soon she heard the stampeding hoofs of a horse traveling at an accelerated pace. Litar turned only for a second to see her victim ride hurriedly upon ...
  2. If I was a Super Hero . . .

    This would be my costume . . .

    E-Male Speaks
  3. On Barbie

    It is not what you say. It is what you wear when you are saying it that counts!

    University , E-Male Speaks
  4. Mario Balotelli

    I've watched a lot of football, and played a fair bit too. I've never seen anyone do this:


    Kind of awesome. Completely hilarious.
  5. Student Projects in Dr. Strangelove's Classes

    I no longer accept written papers in my university courses. Too much cheating goes on. A few years ago I switched to required video documentaries. Here is one of the good ones by one of my uOttawa students.


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