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  1. Leave SpongeBob Alone!

    In this latest episode of Pooched in the Dome, we implore psychologists to leave SpongeBob Squarepants alone.

  2. 9/11: What Needs to be Re-Remembered

    There is much to remember on 9/11 anniversaries, but the most important issues are overlooked in the media feeding frenzy and the politicized state-sponsored memorials of the tragedy.

    John R. MacArthur, publisher of Harper's Magazine, highlights the hypocrisy and hidden agenda of the official narrative of a supposedly innocent America promoted by “opportunistic politicians”. By now anyone who reads beyond Fox News should know that Bin Laden was a former CIA asset, that the two post ...
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  3. Something Else Worth Remembering Today

    The Lingering Injustice of Attica -- a fascinating untold story. The crimes of the state are usual the worst crimes, as they are seldom brought to light, or justice.
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  4. Star Trek Barbie: War Games

    What if Barbie made a special guest appearance on Star Trek?

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  5. Steam Trading is now Official

    I was a participant in the Beta that ran last month. Well, it's now official. Steam Trading now lets you trade in game items with other people (Like TF2 hats) right from steam. It also lets people trade copies of games they've purchased as gifts. People can also trade in game items for games, crazy as it sounds.

    You can read more about it over at Rock Paper Shotgun.

    I have some crazy fears about in-game economies though. Does anyone remember Diablo 2's ingame economy ...
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