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  1. Star Trek Barbie: Almost Completed

    I spent two days putting 60 lights in the warp nacelles but just as I finished a short or something else occurred and the lights failed. On two other separate circuits, the lights in the primary and secondary hull remain working.

    Going to do another build of the 33 inch model, this time using cathode tubes to light the nacelles.

    It is pity that the nacelles' electronics failed, as the lighting effect was fantastic.

    Later on this week I'll start painting ...
  2. 8 days, 54 Kilometres

    The 4th annual Army Run takes place in Ottawa next week. My wife and I will run it for the fourth year in a row. Over the last eight days we ran 54 kilometres together (just finished a gruelling 22K run in 32C humidex, lost three pounds of sweat).

    The Army Run raises money for military families and wounded soldiers.
    E-Male Speaks
  3. Creating a YouTube Personality: Part Two

    Took me a long time to figure out all the connections between Google adsense, YouTube, and Blogger, to arrive at a YouTube videoblogger connected to a Google Blogger account both tied into the Google Adsense program.

    The concept is a wild-eyed liberal videoblogger that is also very politically incorrect, crossing lines both left and right.

    I changed the title to Pooched in the Dome and added a background image that sets the crazy political blogger tone.
  4. Gmale

    Funny because it is true.

  5. "Why no Steam, Notch?"

    This was posted today on Notch's tumblr

    Quote Originally Posted by Notch
    At PAX, I got asked why weíre not on Steam with Minecraft, and I had to answer the question straight out for the first time. So Iíll repeat what I said on here, because openess is awesome.

    Steam is the best digital distribution platform Iíve ever seen. Iíve spent incredible amounts of money on it, and I own a crazy amount of games on it. It runs great, offers great services like that shift+tab stuff, and it remembers my credit

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