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  1. Life in Afghanistan from the POV of an American FF in Kandahar part 3

    **Note I am not stationed in Afghanistan, nor am I in the physical shape to be doing what Dirtboy does, or what this fellow is doing as I post this in Kandahar. Also, the opinions expressed in these postings are not my own, if you disagree do not post here I don't care if you do not support the troops, or what your views on the war in Afghanistan are, the sandbox is what you are looking for also if you wish to reply to this fellow register at www.emtbravo.net and post away.

  2. Life in Afghanistan from the POV of an American FF in Kandahar part 2

    Posted 20 July 2011 - 03:36 AM

    Today at 8 1/2 hours ahead of EST and a rather lazy morning I thought I'd look at some of the things that make life "interesting" here from a firefighting perspective.

    Like all fire departments we always have to be vigilant when working scenes, as we all know complacency kills. But that philosophy takes on a whole new dimension when working in a desert war zone.

    Along with the usual concerns of rescue, extent of
  3. Life in Afghanistan at the worlds busiest airport from the POV of an American FF

    **Note, I am not in Afghanistan, the below blog is from a Career FF who is stationed at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan, and I do believe him when he say's its the busiest airport in the world. PR and ARMA Players take note of not only the US/British aircraft but also of the Russian aircraft mentioned and still in service.

    Also some of the language is a bit nsfw, so if you get offended easily do not read after the first posted sentence.

    http://www.emtbravo.net/index.php/to...83#entry242983 ...
  4. Glory of Wantilan page 14

    * * *

    Her travels this day was not a hard one. She stopped in a town about a mile back and had stolen a crafty looking short sword and about sixty or so gold crowns in a pouch. She was a pretty skillful thief back in the day before she trained to be a mage. Still she was not skillful enough or she didnít travel at a quick enough pace. Soon she heard the stampeding hoofs of a horse traveling at an accelerated pace. Litar turned only for a second to see her victim ride hurriedly upon ...
  5. If I was a Super Hero . . .

    This would be my costume . . .

    E-Male Speaks

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