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  1. The Barnyard Boys

    I once played in a basement band. This past week I was at my buddy's 50th birthday party. After the local 13-year-olds performed for us we took over the barn and spent the rest of the evening jamming. I came up with this little ditty . . .

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  2. Datacenter Maintenance

    As the PR guys have noticed, things have not been so rosey in the DC datacenter recently. There have been a lot of upgrades happening and equipment being shifted around to improve network performance. There is a rather LARGE upgrade coming up that should change things considerably.

    Maintenance Summary:

    In a continuing effort to improve the SoftLayer network, SoftLayer Engineers will be performing maintenance
  3. Coincidence or GLOBAL CONSPIRACY?

    My wife and I were walking in downtown Ottawa the other day and saw one of those digital clocks on a building wall. The time read 11:11 and the temperature was 22C.

    Now I wear tin foil on my head, just in case...

  4. Unusual Sighting in Bad Company 2

    I seen some fairly unusual things in the virtual fields of cyberspace. As soon as I saw the following last night I hit the record button and captured this oddity:

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  5. My favorite Opening Scene of any Cop movie - NARC *warning, intense, gritty and NSFW*

    I'm a cop movie fan, I'm a drama movie fan, I recommend Sleepers, Jason Patric was very good in that, also he was very good in "The Losers".

    In the movie NARC which if you have not scene it I really recommend you rent it. It was Joe Carnhanan's (sp?) first
    movie, it takes place in Detroit and is about.....Narcotic Officers. It stars Ray Liotta, Jason Patric, and some other
    surprise actors.

    The below opening scene was literally filmed with ...
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