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  1. Lfal

    I don't know how many here at visit Failblog.com especially this section of the page. http://learnfrommyfail.failblog.org/

    If you haven't seen the page(s) yet take a few minutes and make yourself happy

    LFMF have some really fun reading in it and I managed to do a thing today that should go on that wall..

    So here comes "Learn From Abel's Failure":

    When walking in the store you work at don't stare at the cute girl bending over ...
  2. The Grand Rapids Lip Dub and the American Spirit

    It is by any measure an extraordinary demonstration of the democratizing power of Internet video and of the American spirit.

    A few weeks after being named in Newsweek's list of the top ten dying American city's, Grand Rapids, Michigan came back from the edge of death and made a stunning statement to the world, via a YouTube video.

    Nonetheless, methinks CBSNews is stretching it a bit when it notes the video's "scenic shots of the beautiful city itself". Like

    Updated 06-02-2011 at 03:38 PM by E-Male

  3. On Gawker/Kotaku

    I've been a dedicated reader of Kotaku for over 2 years now. Today, the video game blog posted this article that has nothing at all to do with Video Games

    I'm fine with off-topic stuff, as long as it somehow relates to video games, internet culture, comics, etc. But this? Really?

    Teenagers visit Kotaku. Do we really want them reading on how to purchase hard drugs online?
  4. Cellphone Radiation May Cause Cancer

    A growing body of research suggests that cellphones pose a variety of risks. Using them while navigating busy streets is risky. I can't count the number of times I have seen someone crossing a busy intersection with their head down, eyes glued to a cell phone. That is just dumb.

    And so is driving and texting, but no one does that anymore -- right?

    If cell phones do turn out to be related to brain cancer, it will likely be too late for many, and many will simply keep ...
  5. Three Years at TG

    Well hello everyone. It's May 31st, 2011, and three years ago today, I joined the Tactical Gamer forums. The story of my journey to TG can be found at y two year anniversary post. But boy, have things come a long way from there.

    In the past year at TG, I became an admin, and joined the content development team and started TG Cast (which will be back soon!). It's been just a great journey with TG here, and I fell like I've always been here. So I'd like to say a few words to a ...

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