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  1. 4:44:41

    I could not bring my camera with me on the run because of the rain :-(

    Ran for 4 hours, 44 minutes, and 41 seconds
    Lost 4 pounds of water.
    Finished with a 'PB' time (personal best) almost 5 minutes faster than my last marathon.
    Burned approx 3,000 calories.
    Lost two more toenails (tried a shoe half size smaller). Toenails quickly turn black, become very painful for a few days, and fall off after a month or more (they grow back...).
    Average pace was 6:30/kilometre. ...

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  2. Facing the Final Exam

    Exams take all different shapes in life. Some are multiple choice. Some, like the ones I put my students through, are essays. Others take the form of 42.2 kilometres.

    Tomorrow I face another final exam.

  3. And So It Begins (Again) . . .

    My editor is enthusiastic about my revised book proposal, which is exceedingly good news. It pretty well means that two years from now I'll have another book in print. One year or less to write. One year for the peer review and editing process (scholarly publishing moves at a snail's pace compared to trade paperbacks).

    Writing is like an addiction to me (much like gaming . . .) so somethings got to give. The crazy amount of time I spent here at TG will get reduced as more of my evenings ...
  4. today i went to see a film!

    *spoilers alert!!*

    so today i went to see this film

    otherwise known as pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

    It stars, of course, Johhny Depp and Geoffrey Rush. it also stars Penelope Cruz and Ian Mcshane, who you may recognise from HBO's Deadwood series.

    Now i went into the movie theatre with mixed feelings ...
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  5. Feeding America's Culture War

    Over the years I have encountered all sorts of data and research on the differences between liberal and conservative Americans. I have even seen research suggesting differences in how these two groups access information on the Web.

    Here is a fairly non-scientific but rather compelling look at another aspect of the cultural divide between America's left and right (high resolution image of the graph here).


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