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  1. The Royal Wedding

    The sound from our TV woke me up this morning as my wife was watching Lord and Lady Douchebag get married. I wanted to NOT watch it ... too late.

    One cannot unsee that which has been seen.

  2. 4 Years...

    So yesterday was my 4 year anniversary of registering on the forums. I had been playing for a few months before that. I joined the forums on the recommendation of Dirtboy. One of my first posts was This AAR for Project Reality.

    Coincidentally, on almost the same day, The 6th Devils Brigade went operational. Tomorrow, Friday the 29th, we celebrate 4 years together as an IHS. Soon, I'll be hitting my 4 year mark with the devils. It's almost scary to think that when I came to TG and ...
  3. Thomas Claburn's article on Google TV - He got it wrong

    I just read this article over on InformationWeek; http://www.informationweek.com/news/...ogle/229402312

    Lets just say it got me annoyed. After writing a rather lengthy reply only to find out that IW's commenting system is completely BROKEN (must be their focus on the speed of getting their articles out rather than their excellence), I figured I would post it here.

    If you read the article first, my comments in parenthesis will make a little more sense. ...
  4. Funny Jackie Chan Video

  5. Lack of Flash within the Iphone has made me curious for other means......

    First off if you haven't read any of Paine's Blogs starting in February with "Week 1" I highly recommend that you do. I just read week 1 & 9 Its very well written, informative and above all interesting!

    It also shows that its not only the physical that is demanding but also the mental.

    So if you have a iphone or itouch (favorite of all priests, Sheiks not so much), you know that there is no flash player unless you jailbreak your phone.


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