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  1. Glory of Wantilan p7

    * * *

    As the lightning crashed to the ground Mercaitorís stalker sprang into action. Lifting high into the air the attacker meant to come down all at once with one fatal blow. Mercaitor gracefully unsheathed his sword clashing against his opponentís strike. Both fighters were pushed back from the force of contact sliding to a halt in the slick mud. The thief or assassin was not greatly skilled and stumbled at the surprising grace to which his target countered his attack. Now squared ...

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  2. I like it, and it's great that you get two of them for under $3.50

    If you haven't figured it out yet, it's the Mc Donalds 2 Filet-O-Fish special, 2 for 3 American dollars (comes out to 3.29 w tax).

    I've always liked the filet o fish. I can remember as a kid my mom buying it for my brother and I every year on good Friday.

    Now that I'm older I don't eat fast food all that much. If I'm doing a road trip sure I'll stop but I normally will go to BK, Wendy's or get a few protein bars.

    I'm guilty this month so far of eating ...
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  3. Opening Day 2011

    Today my friends at 1pm the NY Yankee Season Begins. Now it's not the nicest day here in the metro NY area in fact, we are expecting a winter (yes they said winter) spring storm of rain, sleet and rain, but it is opening day and what a glorious day it is!!!
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  4. Elbow Leaning and why you should stop now.

    Carpal Tunnel, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, neck pain, who would have thought they could all be related.

    If you are a gamer and if you are in college, high school, at your desk at work, at home surfing the net, or even at the airport on your laptop, and if you find yourself leaning on one elbow or both, or have both elbows on the desk or armrest, STOP NOW.

    For a long time now, or since maybe the ps/xbox controller came out I have not been able to use it, due to pain ...
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  5. New Ribbons - March 28th, 2011

    Ladies and Gentlemen, first let me apologize for the delay in getting these well deserved ribbons out. I'd love to be able to tell you that I got a wonderful temporary duty assignment to Tahiti, but alas, it was more along the lines of being temporarily assigned to the cubicle in the basement! However, without further ado, here are your recipients:

    Outstanding Volunteer:

    Video Production:
    General Alvin ...

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