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  1. First Thoughts : First Strike for CoD Black Ops

    by , 03-25-2011 at 06:34 PM (Spears and Flames and Text Walls, Oh My!)
    My first blog post here on TG, figured I'd give this a try.

    After waiting for 2 months, the First Strike maps for Call of Duty Black Ops have finally been released on the PC with a price tag of $15 and patch 1.07 has been released to all clients. I've just done some test runs and matches on each map, and so far I'm really impressed with the level designs. I'll take this map by map.


    I have to ...

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  2. Glory of Wantilan p6

    The rain of the gods flow for few,
    The rain of the gods brings things that are new,
    Things of evil and good to their sacred land,
    Things that will play into the palm of their hand.

    Upon the rain of the gods champions will entered the field,
    Upon the rain of the gods the game did yield,
    When the rain disappeared the game began,
    The gods cheered like fanatic fans.

    The Gods of Good choose their warriors long ago,
    As they

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  3. Leading Mortar Squad 1st Time

    After a hard day's work I got home and jumped on the TG server. Some people unwind at a bar, some play basketball. For me, it's PR. Tonight I played only one game, Barracuda. Spawned in as Chinese and started a squad not knowing what my squad would be doing. It was just me running around Main for a little while when MrBass_Assassin hopped in. Cool guy and I've been in squads with him many times before. It was only the two of us so what to do? Well, seemed like most of the action was at Airstrip. ...
    Squad Leading , AAS
  4. Tried Something Fun on Dragonfly

    Great games tonight and did some squad leading on Dragonfly. Yrkidding was in my squad as medic with some other familiar and friendly faces ^^ One thing I wanted to write down was an assault we did on the Northwest Fields flag.

    Playing as Militia, we crossed the river north and was at the western edge of the fields. We got eyes on the flag and spotted heavy fortifications-- MG nests (plural?), Foxholes, FOB. I had an idea. The plan was to have a fireteam stay at that position, ...
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    Squad Leading , AAS
  5. These Business and Economics classes are paying off!

    I just made 25 cents off a vending machine!

    I'm staying at this hotel tonight and I go down the hall to the vending machine to get a butterfinger. I wanted to use up my change and so I put in a dollar of dimes and nickels(The stupid thing would NOT take my pennies). I get my bar and head out, and as I walk by the soda machine I press the Dr. Pepper out of habit. As I start to walk away I hear it spit it out then go back to price display mode. SCORE! $1 spent $1.25 back!

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