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  1. Marathon Training

    Yesterday morning I weighed 171.5 pounds, today I am at 168.

    The difference?

    Yesterday I ran 28 kilometers with my wife. She is training for her 4th marathon. I was pretty beat up after running 2 marathons last year and was not really planning on another one.

    But yesterday I went out for a 12K run with Anne. At the 12K mark I decided to go for a few more Ks, and then a few more, and then more still, and three and half hours later we had run 28K.
  2. What I've been up to lately - Pics from Firefighter1&Survival that many have asked 4

    Hopefully these links work, I can't do the image thingy facebook wont allow it, and unless photo's are on photobucket I can't upload them to TG.

    Anyways, these are photo's of me from FireFighter 1 and Firefighter Survival that my instructor sent.

    It is ALOT more physical work than I ever thought, this past Thursday when I thought I was going to get in 4 hours of PR @ PRTA and TG, I helped fight a brush fire in the woods behind some peoples houses.....It was interesting ...
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  3. TG-70th/21st vs 5thMarineRegiment

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  4. Week 9 - The Strong Shall Stand Pt. 2

    I’d walked in the woods at night before. To call this night, though, wouldn’t be accurate. Complete cloud cover means no ambient light. I can’t make out where the tops of the trees meet the sky, let alone what is a meter in front of me. The only light I had was emanating from the glow in the dark lines on my compass, and so that was where I would focus. Head down, weapon in a death grip and my compass tucked and ...
  5. Glory of Wantilan p10

    A wish gladly granted by Remnit and so tomorrow Kirthanas left for Remnit’s Castle.

    * * *

    Litar scoffed at the rain pounding against her cloak as she looked for natural shelter in the moons light. She could not believe she was on her own again. Once again cast off. Litar was orphaned as a young child from a royal background. Her father was of the proudest warriors and wouldn’t have a magic user as a child! It was unheard of since The War of Steal and Magic. But ...

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