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Herroh Whirl!

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In my first programming class my instructor had a really heavy Korean accent. He showed us how to write "hello world!". I could not see the board and guessed at what he said.

Herroh Whirl!

My first program announced my 1337 skills to the unskilled masses.

Fortunately, he was amused.

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  1. Ven's Avatar
    Sc1....you going into programming?
  2. thedogwarrior's Avatar
    I had one programming class, Software Applications in Civil Engineering. Spent the whole semester doing nothing but programming designs for structural steel base plates in VB. That would be the old DOS-based VB too, I think if memory serves. I also had a FORTRAN class, way back in the day, about which I remember nothing, except that FORTRAN was invented by a lady scientist who worked for the Navy? Sound familiar to anyone else? I must hit the Google...
  3. sc1ence's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ven
    Sc1....you going into programming?
    Nope, but whenever I have a first anything, I think of Herroh Whirl! and it gives me a chuckle. This was my first blog post, so I went with herroh whirl! to get it over with. I took a programming class back in grad school, some of the research I was conducting required some simple programs that could display a photo or optical pattern for a very specific amount of time and inter stimulus interval.
  4. WhiskeySix's Avatar
    relevant: Whadya call a one-legged Chinese woman? xD

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