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  1. Thank you safari, now my computer can load up the internets even slower

    by , 08-15-2011 at 12:35 PM
    I started to like safari, even though it did use up a bit more memory than firefox, though I just noticed today that like firefox's adobe plugin, safari has its own plugin of sorts simply titled: WebKit2WebProcess.exe

    What a pleasant surprise, thank you safari, actually I should say thank you Apple, being that you are the most profitable company in the world now. I mean sure why not add this little plugin in, it probably doesn't affect macbook users, i mean why would you want to ...
  2. Studying for tests after college

    by , 06-10-2011 at 12:13 PM
    So as I wrote this blog I have another window open with a Suffolk County Police Exam study guide and next to me I have a Police Officer Exam study book.

    I've been using these study aides for over a month, well the book, taking practice tests, reading, trying to get my mind focused but let me tell you it is harder than I thought.

    Last year I took the NYPD Exam and studied like crazy. Maybe it was easier to study for it because I had never taken a Police/Law Enforcement ...
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