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  1. I love/hate this game... BFBC2 in a nutshell

    by , 06-14-2010 at 10:34 AM
    I've played Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for a few months now, and played the beta a bit before the game went live. Along with many other TG members, I've racked up quite a bit of time in this game. In some ways the game is very good, and in some ways, the game is very bad. But I can quantify that statement by allowing that the game is primarily "bad" in that it does not meet my expectations for what a next-generation Battlefield game, post-2142, post-POE, should have been.

  2. Ars Technica article on BF:BC2 and the inevitable MW2 comparisons

    by , 02-26-2010 at 02:00 PM
    Good article here on BF:BC2, with MW2 comparisons of course. I think after playing both the Battlefield and Call of Duty series, aside from the new realistic gameplay, and somewhat destructible environments, both have very specific offerings in gameplay that the other lacks.

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