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  1. Tears for AMD

    I'm on the verge (or is it cusp) of tears. It's down to the wire for AMD. In a year's time they could be declaring bankruptcy, restructuring, and/or selling themselves. The gap between them and Intel is ginormous! It's like the gap between the filthy rich and the poor. I'm afraid of the potential problems/disaster when Intel loses it's only real competitor (VIA hasn't been on the radar for close to a decade). I also feel that if AMD falls, Intel will eventually fall as well.

  2. The Value System: Capitalism and Climate Change

    Another lecture by Dr. Strangelove. An overview of the book I am presently working on.

  3. Balkanization & Group Polarization

    Another lecture by Dr. Strangelove

  4. Wrist Excercises for Gamers: Video

    I highly recommend this to all TG members (and any typists, writers, coders, and keyboard bangers).

  5. My Boy is Dying and my Heart is Breaking

    First, I want to just say that my boy is my dog, Hayate, so as to not mislead people too much. He's a beautiful American Akita, large for his breed at a lean 111lbs, just 2 years and 7 months old. He's black and white, a dopey black face and black spots all over. He loves people and other animals, he defied the breed stereo-type so much that he was proof of the fact that it all owes to training. He loves cold weather, walks better off leash, but is a breeze to walk on leash (walks by your side, ...
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