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A Recruit's Diary

Just me, rambling on.

  1. Rivers of Adrenaline

    Wow! I've just had one the most exiting PR expierience so far. It got my heart pounding and for a couple of minutes my hands almost shook. (I know the latter is not really great while playing games)

    We were playing Battle for Qinling, I was on the Chinese team. (Against my wishes, since I wanted to team up with my fellow TG collegues. Namely BlackPython222 whom I followed yesterday in a great Insurgency match. Well... Except for the one time when my premature trigger finger caused ...
  2. Finding TG

    Blogs were always alien to me. Just like diaries.
    Diaries are worse, since it seems very unhealthy to address a piece of paper as if it were a person. Dear Diary? I don't think so.
    But what really keeps me from keeping my thought banned on paper - or it's virtual brother - is my lazyness. The first post, just like this one, is entertaining to write and a nice way to spend an hour or so. But the second post seems to be more of an obligation than a joy. It's like a duty to go on and ...

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