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  • Tactical Gamer Announces 15% off TrackIR Gear

    Tactical Gamer has secured two discount coupons on TrackIR gear from NaturalPoint. NaturalPoint is the company behind the venerated Track IR lineup of products aimed at improving and enhancing your gaming experience by putting your head into the game.

    This is a limited time offer that expires at midnight of November 6, 2011. The coupons are only good through the Track IR store and you can click on one of the links below or the ad at the top of the page (links to TrackIR 5 Pro Bundle discount). We are working on a detailed review with plenty of pictures coming in the next few weeks.

    TrackIR 5 is the latest product in the Track IR lineup and features: support for over 100 games/sims, 10x TrackIR 4 resolution, wider field of view than TrackIR 4, hyper fast 120 fps sample rate, 6 DOF vector technology, improved ambient light filtering, and a detachable magnetic base. It is a must have accessory for pilots in flight simulators such as Falcon 4, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and Tom Clancy's HAWX. It is also a must have accessory for anyone who plays Armed Assault 2.

    The TG provided discounts are as follows:

    Here's what your fellow gamers here at TG had to say about their TrackIR experience:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Bauer
    I love my TrackIR. It allows me to gain a better situational awareness when in combat in Arma2:OA. It allows me the flexibility when sighted in down the barrel of my weapon to be able to rotate my head slightly from left to right to gain that little extra sight line while performing CQB exercises or before entering a doorway or compound. While suppressing the enemy I am able to shoot in the direction that I am pointing my rifle and take a peek from side to side to gauge how the rest of my fire-team is doing. Even when I am reloading, it allows me to quickly scan for more potential contacts. While preforming in the reconnaissance role, it allows me to keep my silhouette low and not rotate my entire body/avatar attracting more attention to my position. All I have to do is rotate my head, reducing my movements and the potential of revealing my concealed position to the enemy.
    Quote Originally Posted by SARGE
    Have been using Track IR since 2006. My first was the Track IR 3, then I bought a Track IR 4, which I still use today. I have used it for all my flight simulations that support it, and am currently using it for Flight and Character play in Arma2 Combined Arms. It actually puts you in the game more than other players without it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deadly Dave
    Once you become one with Track IR, the immersion factor increases tenfold, situation awareness is so much better as said above, I use mine fully with FSX ,ARMA2 and GTR EVO/rfactor and just can't play without it running anymore as you just miss it so much when you don't have it on, to me it's as important as a monitor, keyboard and mouse. A must have.
    Quote Originally Posted by Warlab
    TrackIR takes my situational awareness to the next level in any FPS or Flight Sim that supports it. Once you have it, you can't live without it!

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