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  • Planetside 2 Launch Day Announcement and Event

    On November 20th SOE will officially launch Planetside 2. Tactical Gamer would like to welcome all interested or those who have not experienced Planetside 2 to come to the official launch day event here at Tactical Gamer. Planetside 2 is a brand new Massive FPS being released by Sony Online Entertainment. Choosing to be a part of one of three factions, PS2 offers the player the ability to participate in truly massive combined arms battles with up to 2000 players on each continent.

    Besides the usual FPS fair PS2 features a certification system allowing the player to customize and specialize everything from tanks and aircraft down to their individual rifle. Best of all Planetside 2 is launching as a Free to Play title, which means there is absolutely no reason not to try this game out.

    If your interested please visit the Launch Day thread and sign up link. Keep an eye on the thread as it gets closer to the 20th for updated information. As with any MMO Tactical Gamer has launched a guild or "Outfit" in the case of PS2. We have chosen the faction of the New Conglomerate for the fight on Auraxis. If you would like to know more about them or the other two factions; the Terran Republic and the Vanu Sovereignty visit the Wiki. If you are interested in joining check out the Tactical Gamer Planetside 2 Recruitment Application. Please note that if you sigh up to join and don't have beta access you will have to wait until Launch Day to be accepted into the outfit.


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    1. Gun Weasel's Avatar
      Gun Weasel -
      2,000 people fighting on one map !!! Come join us !
    1. BigGaayAl's Avatar
      BigGaayAl -
      My report of the best strategical moments I've experienced in this awesome game.

    1. CoiledTortoise's Avatar
      CoiledTortoise -
      Really looking forward to launch and helping out those who didn't have a chance to play in the beta.
    1. Biytor's Avatar
      Biytor -
      2000 people per map... Large scale armor battles... Entire fighter squadrons... Massed troops storming a base...

      You can't see any of this in any other game, anywhere...

      The strategy and tactics aren't like anything you've played before. It's not sweep around this block with 2 guys and flank them. It's sweep around this mountain with mechanized platoon and support aircraft while we 40 infantry keep them occupied. When the armor engages to the east and they react, then roll in the reserve armor from the south and push forward.

      Don't miss out on the majesty of watching a well thought out plan unfold before your eyes. You can only do that if you join us in game...
    1. di1lweed1212's Avatar
      di1lweed1212 -
      simply epic tacticalgamer-ness
    1. Biytor's Avatar
      Biytor -
      Better yet here are some beta keys for you to come join us too...

    1. experiment626's Avatar
      experiment626 -
      Love the TG NC patch...where do i order?!?!
    1. Mindkill's Avatar
      Mindkill -
      Tactics and strategy, epic battles, great graphics, multiple classes, air and ground vehicles.. This game has it all!

      If you've ever considered yourself to be TG, this game is where you need to be!

    1. weaponx77's Avatar
      weaponx77 -
      I can't wait for this=)
    1. BigGaayAl's Avatar
      BigGaayAl -
      I won't be able to make it for launch since I have to work. Make it a nice show guys!
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