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Another question: Does this essentially mean that dogfighting with 120s is useless if your radar is off? (If you just let the 120 fly, is the time it takes to go autonomous short enough that you might somehow have a prayer of hitting a mig in a furball?)

I have been employing the 120 latley with great success at WVR. What I try to do is first, find the bandit on padlock. Once I do this I know he is an enemy because of the red square anound him. Then I switch to dogfight mode and if the bandit is in front of me I use ACM Boresight and if he is on my lift line I use ACM Vert. As soon as I have him locked up on Boresight FOX 3 because he is at 12OClock. If i get him on my lift line then I usually try to pull him aound to my nose before I launch but if there is a friendly in danger it is always good to make them go defensive.

This method has worked wonders for me and now I can destroy an entire 4 ship of Mig 21's at 10 miles before we merge. you will notice that since you get a lock and fire that as soon as the 120 comes off the rail it goes pitbull and you can padlock and hit the next target. I find this much better than fireing a maddog shot and maybe hitting a friendly in the furball. Hope this helps guys.