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    The GW HoM & Misc Thread

    Essentially this is a place to talk about everything pertaining to preparing for GW2 in GW. From what I have gathered the two main things you can do to get ready for GW2 is to work on your HoM and your GWAMM, as both will rollover in the form of titles and items in GW2. Feel free to post your in game name, HoM/GWAMM status currently, and what you still need to do to increase it more.

    I will start off and will update my status overtime. My IGN is Count Arcole, and currently I am only at 33/50 HoM because I have not been working on it much until quite recently. I plan to get it to 45/50 as I do not want to bother with obby armor, a tormented weapon, or the three other most expensive points (most likely one of the three will also be vabbian armor). I am at 19/30 titles maxed for GWAMM, and when I finish up the other four EotN titles I have left, and Tyrian Carto/Vanq I will be at 27/30. At that point I will see what all I still need to do.

    My to do list currently:
    • Vanq & Explore EotN (and finish Asuran/Vanguard/Deldrimor in the process)
    • Vanq & Explore Tyria
    • Finish off Master of the North (dungeons in HM & NM).
    • Get r3 Zashain (For my PvP Title - I'm at r2 atm)
    • Get more Oppressor and Destroyer Weapons for HoM
    • Finish my half-set of Elite Luxon Armor (for HoM)
    • Finish off my Minis & hero Armor (for HoM)

    My main issue at the moment is a lack of money/ectos as I was hacked last June and had approximately 400k, ~100 ectos, ~100 zkeys, ~30 Obby Shards, and all of my expensive items (frog scepters, celestial compasses, etc) taken. If I still had all of that I could probably simply buy my way up to 45/50 or 50/50, but now it will take a lot longer.

    I also have relatively strong 7-hero builds and would be willing to either help out with anything anyone else needs in game or lend out heroes (by starting a mission/vanq with all of my heroes and you, and then leaving so they all come under your command). Lets just say I have a lot of experience under my belt and even though its been a while since I have really worked hard in GW, I can still probably help out with anything besides speed clears as all of the builds have changed since I used to do them.

    I know other people here play GW so post your info and we can see if we can all get together to help each other out. I plan to post a listing of minis I still need and minis I can give out as well, we can probably trade around to meet our needs there as well.

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    Recovered my account after 2 years of inactivity..no clue what I'm doing lol

    After Action Reports: http://tacticalsites.com/~scotty/

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    Re: The GW HoM & Misc Thread

    I got an account from a friend, but have no idea of what to do. Planning on buying my own copy, since I can't change the info on the account. What is GWAMM?

    |TG-Irr| Lonewolf80


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