I am getting this message about "no packet flow" after about 15 seconds after hitting the "Join Game" button, it just freezes and kicks me by punkbuster. Today I was looking at what to have start up when my computer boots, I found this thing called LXBTCATS (or LBXTCATS, not sure which) after a quick google search a bunch of spyware help pages tagged this as a problem. I went to program files and deleted the folder Lx_Cats. Next time I tried to play battlefield I got an error saying Lx_cats could not be found, the game would CTD. I tried restarting, same thing. I then put the CD back in and went to "modify" as opposed to instal, reinstalled the game files (the message said that repairs had been completed, I don't think it reinstalled everything). Now the folder has not come back but I have not gotten the error message on startup or the CTD's. Just the problem described at the begining.......help?

I updated PunkBuster and tried playing on a random server, after about 1 minute I was satisfied it was fixed and so went to TG. I got the message after about 25-30 seconds ingame.