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INTENT: - I hope that everyone wishing to play gets a chance!
- There are many stacked teams that were all 'formed' without any outside recruiting to
get the new players on board.
- Sadly, most of the players who actually posted for a team did not find one.

KICKER: I would like to RESURECT PENGUIN /O> in the form of at least two teams. ***

A TEAM: /O> experienced members
B TEAM: /-> less experienced or new to competitive play

Goals: - Get everyone playing
- Teach new players to be organized and improve skills
- Have a lot of fun scrim and drill time!

DETAILS: - Since this is competitive, there will be a form of tryouts and cuts to ensure that
each player has good teamwork and potential for competitive fun.

- I foresee the tryout being a scripted pug where we insert everyone
interested into teams and then spectate how it goes.

Dates for the PUG NIGHTS will be posted soon, depending on the interest I see from this post.

if you are going to be active and are interested.

-Name and STEAM ID
- roles and preferences
- availability (best nights to play scrims and/or matches)

P.S. I would like to encourage all the already formed teams to recruit pubstars for B TEAMS of their own! The league and the players will benefit from the diversity and mentoring.