Ever said to yourself, “dammit if I could only fly”? Then this is the class for you.

Learn the basics of helicopter flight from someone that just learned the basic tricks required. This will be nothing fancy, but you should be able to fly and land after this class.

Date: Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time: 12 AM (NOON) Central European Time (Germany)
Buffer: Show up 15 minutes early to get set up.
Location: TGU Channel in TS for communications; a Training Server for play.

Class: Basic Helicopter
Pre-requisites: Player must be petrified of flying and in risking game embarrassment.
Contents: Engine warm-up, takeoff, flight, landing without crashing, crate drop run, troop drop run.
Instructor: |TG-E1st|_TMAN
Number of Students: 2-3 max, first come first served.

Sign up format:

In Game Name:
How long have you been here at TG?:
Experience with PR:
Experience flying transport helicopters in PR:

Miscellaneous Notes:
1. If you have the desire to fly transport (Blackhawk or HIP), than this is for you.
2. If TG Training Server is not on PR, we will use someone else’s training server.
3. Meet in TGU channel on Team Speak.
4. Sign up in the PR forum, not here.