Greetings! Copying this to here too.

I am MysteryOne. I see that you like many kinds of game - tactical and strategic,
so i thought i'd introduce you to Arcen Games-company's AI War: Fleet Command
and it's mini-expansions:

Here's an interview:

And some reviews:

I personally like this game, more than any other RTS that i've played in the past
(Solo or Co-Op vs brilliant AI, no PvP).

I'm new to it myself, but i suggest you give it a try (trial) and if you like it,
buy the lisence code(s) for full version. It's also, available on Steam.

And of course, don't forget come to the community:,2.0.html
and drop by my unofficial welcoming thread too:,7284.0.html

By the way, the company's in danger next month, help if you can:,7059.0.html

Thanks and i'll see you later!