Foxtrot 2-2: Warrior
Eagle 1-3: (Blanking on your name, will try and revise!)

The pair left FOB Eagle in a HUMVEE heading North, refueling in the town of Anar, in which they encountered a civilian car which speeded towards them, hitting a fast U-Turn, and high tailing away from them.
They began patrolling Anar, looking for the reason behind it being marked hostile on the map. After 30 minutes of searching they found a 6 Ton Truck and a UAZ, both empty but filled with ammo. They returned to FOB, and grabbed AT and Satchels, and then proceeded to destroy them. They continued on, and came apon 4 Military Offroads also storing weapons and ammo. (Precisely 10-30 round FN FAL magazines, 5 RGB hand-grenades, 4 M67 hand grenades, 30-30 round AKM magazines, and 2 RPG-7 rockets, but no sign of the weapons themselves.)