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The Devils Turn 3! [Front page blow out]


  • The Devils Turn 3!

    April 29th, 2010, marks the 3 year birthday of Tactical Gamer's 6th Devils Brigade! Come join us on Saturday May 1st, 2010, on the Tactical Gamer Project Reality server as we bring in the new year with Teamwork, Agility, and Leadership. Bring your own beer.
    <-O'Niell's Note: That's "3". Not "131". :D

    The 6th was founded based on the actual Devil's Brigade (1st Special Service Force), which was a joint American-Canadian commando force established in 1942. The idea came in a gestalt to our founders, eGoatBoy, who is Canadian, and Wimpinator, who is from the US. Shortly after, these two evil geniuses picked up several more members from the US and Canada and began plotting the imminent invasion of TG. However, they implicitly understood that we couldn't just limit our roster to North America and soon began picking up members from all over the globe.

    The 6th Devil's Brigade is about having a lot of fun while doing everything we can to help our team win! The squad will strive to exemplify the "TG Way" and looks to increase the enjoyment of the game, not just for it's members, but for other players on TG servers by demonstrating maturity, good gamesmanship, and leadership. The squad will consistently operate with a "team first, individual second" mentality, but will also look to leverage the talents and creativity of each member.

    The 6th Devil's Brigade will function as a competent ground based unit, but the squad will also routinely look to complete missions and fill roles that have a high-value to the team, working to be a force multiplier. If the 6th is said to have an operational focus, then that focus is doing the "other things" in game that go overlooked.

    Our focus is primarily the BFx series and mods.

    The 6th Devil's Brigade officially went operational on 29-Apr-2007.

    The 6th Devils have many secrets. Some so secret they are guarded in a tomb at the bottom of the world by none other than Skud and Wickens. 24/7, 365, Skud and Wickens provide security for some of the highest classified information ever. But Skud will share some secrets with Tactical Gamer.


    It's a Devil's tradition to celebrate the number 6. So, to that end, we officially call the 6th, 16th, & 26th of every month one of our Devil Days. Yes, that would be three 6's in a's just so obvious!

    What does "Devil Days" mean? It means we adjust our RoE & SoP to favour some team unity for the day...a little quality time for us. The primary purpose is so that we the Devils, get time with we the Devils. So, the #1 goal of the day is seek out and get time in with fellow Devil's. That simple.

    But this doesn't mean we don't play with our Tactical Gamer brothers! On Devil Days we love to get out and show the community what we're all about! So the next time you're twiddling your thumbs on the 6th, 16th, or 26th, join the PR server and come play with us!


    Thousands of years ago, on the slopes of Mt. Doom, The Devils thought up bi-monthly avatar themes. Well, actually, I think it was A.WICKENS, but I'm Skud and I'll just steal the credit. Anyway, we started discussing possible themes and who should be what and why.

    We have a special forum where we discuss possible themes. A poll is made, and we then choose a theme. We then take said theme and apply who should be what and why - what character traits apply to each Devil? Some are not so flattering. Some quotes best illustrate who winds up with what:

    "Or, he could be Sundance to my Butch."
    "Hell, just put a picture of a dead guy in PR and that's me....Just slap a emblem on it and that's me doing what I do best all game."
    "Nardini - Stormtrooper, for his unyielding ferocity in the face of stupidly overwhelming odds, demanding that his squad complete his ludicrous objectives. "
    "I'll take Boba Fett if that's ok with everyone else, Skud you are at least 3.5 times the player I am so I accept the nomination."
    "Count yourself lucky Don, I'm some fat bearded guy who gets shot in the ass."

    Themes to date: Cartoon Characters, 80's TV Shows, Muppets, Cowboys/Indians, Video Game Characters, Empire/Rebel Scum.


    Turns out we're not going anywhere. Over the past year we've seen quite a few In House Squads come and go. We're not going anywhere anytime soon. As of right now, we remain highly active in Project Reality and Tactical Gamer's newest phenom Battlefield Bad Company 2. And the future? Looking pretty fiendish, if you ask me.

    The 6th Devils Brigade

    • jazy2
      jazy2 commented
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      A belated happy birthday!

    • Skud
      Skud commented
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      Thanks to those who played in our squads for... 7 rounds yesterday!

    • Axis of Eeevil
      Axis of Eeevil commented
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      Congrats, guys. Wouldn't expect anything less from you. I miss the days when...yeah. Miss a lot of things.
      Rest in Peace, Counter.

      Three years old...that's usually when big boys throw away their binkies and blankies, in't it? :row__528:
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    So, what's the schedule? Great question! We don't know yet. The admin team will make a post later this week with specific dates and times, but the weekend is a pretty safe bet for right now.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get a hold of the admin team in the Contact An Admin forum.

    Look forward to seeing everyone on the battlefield!
    07-20-2015, 09:39 AM