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TG ArmA Pathfinder Restoration


  • TG ArmA Pathfinder Restoration

    The ArmA Pathfinders are a way of recognizing leadership. It is a prestigious position to hold within our community much like PCS is with Counter Strike. Pathfinders are leaders in and out of the server, and provide solid leadership as well as mentorship to all players. They are capable of leading missions, training players, and helping to foster this community as one of maturity and respect.

    Recently, the Pathfinders have fallen from the eyes of the players. When asked; “What is a Pathfinder”, the response most times was “ Admin”. The current Admin Team and Pathfinder Members have been working hard to revamp the entire program, and bring it to the forefront of TG ArmA.

    It is with great honor that I, as an Admin as well as a current Pathfinder, present you with the fruits of our labor.

    TG ArmA Pathfinder – Spartan
    • The group of players that make up the Spartan Platoon have show time and time again that they have the ability to lead this community. Be it in game, in the forums, or anywhere else they continue to step up and take charge.

    Spartan Motto: “With It. Or On It”
    • This is derived from the Greek outlook on war. You either return home alive with your shield; or dead on it. To do this tells others that you didn’t give up and fought with everything you had. To return home without your shield, was an offence punishable by death. The reason being, if you came back without a shield it meant that you had thrown it down and left. The way the Greeks fought, each soldiers shield protected the man next to him; it is a sign of loyalty and trust. By throwing down your shield, you have basically killed your fellow soldier.

    • This concept of loyalty to others, and trust is one that we wish to convey to the community with the Pathfinder: Spartan program. A Spartan member will not leave you on the battlefield, he will protect the player to his left and right, and he is loyal to the community.

    What does it take to be a Spartan?
    • To be inducted, a player has to constantly demonstrate the ability to be a leader. This isn’t just when the Admins are around. It is every time they are on the server. It’s not something that can be turned on and off. If a player has consistently shown that they have leadership qualities it will catch the eyes and ears of the current Spartan Members.

    What is required of a Spartan?
    • These are the simplest to ask, but the hardest to meet. Spartans must be as active as possible in both the game and the forum. They have to devote time to helping players new and old, and provide leadership to those on the server. It is required that all Spartans take charge and do the right thing in the absence of any other leader. They are the ones to step up and take control of a mess on the server and lead the mission to success. They all are capable of being “that guy” time and time again and making the game so much more by simply stepping up, and leading.

    Can I apply to become a Spartan?
    • Yes and no. While you may apply to the group, we ask that you let your actions speak louder than your words. Stepping up and leading missions, and leading the community will have more of an effect than any amount of PM’s or applications.

    What is a ‘Spartan Callsign’?
    • The ‘Spartan Callsign’ is a badge of office, like a Ranger Tab or Special Forces patch. It allows everyone to instantly recognize the Spartan members. Each Callsign is given out in numerical sequence starting with one.
    • Ex: |TG| Snuffy [Spartan 3]

    What else do the Spartans do?
    • Apart from community leadership, Spartans are also tasked with organizing and hosting events such as the “Pathfinder Invitational” event. The invitational event is a small event consisting of only Pathfinders and members of the community that have been personally invited by a Spartan.

    Is a Spartan an Admin?
    • No. However, Spartans are allowed to perform certain Admin duties such as Admin on the server, and enforcing SOP/Primer adherence.

    I am not an SM; does this mean I can’t be a Spartan?
    • No. The Pathfinder-Spartan program is available to everyone that passes the pre-requisites regardless of membership status.

    The Admins and Pathfinders are trying to raise awareness of this program, as well as help the community understand what it is that Pathfinders do. Our goal is to re-establish the Pathfinders here at TG ArmA, and provide solid leadership to all that play here.

    TG ArmA Pathfinder: Spartan
    “With it. Or on it!”

    • Delta*RandyShugart*
      Editing a comment
      Even though you guys focus primarily with Arma if any of you venture into PR I would love to take part and be a part of your squad. I cannot run Arma II ATM due to computer issues but I am trying to get my godfather to participate on the TG ARMA II server and will definitely mention to him about the pathfinders.
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    Built on a persistent framework it calls troops to join in the fight to clear the island of Altis of a scourge of insurgents. These aren’t your average insurgents; they possess skills and weaponry that keeps the best squads on their toes. Their flanking tactics and relentless aggression are legendary. Anti-armor capabilities that keep the armor in the rear and, squads need to take special note that “noise” in a region with other enemy cells nearby may cause those cells to activate and respond to the threat. So small cells that seem “easy” to clear suddenly become beehives of insurgents attacking and flanking a small expeditionary force....
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    As some of you saw today, the PR server is back online!

    We will be running the server on a part-time basis, most likely 3 days/nights a week, possibly 4. It is our opinion that this will work best in lieu of running the server 24/7 and having it sit empty most of the day. Additionally, the last time we tried to re-boot the server, we had big issues with getting people to help the seed the server. It is our hope that with a schedule that is known for the week, everyone will look forward to the days that server is up (much like we all looked forward to Thursday password nights) and the server will be full very quickly.

    So, what's the schedule? Great question! We don't know yet. The admin team will make a post later this week with specific dates and times, but the weekend is a pretty safe bet for right now.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get a hold of the admin team in the Contact An Admin forum.

    Look forward to seeing everyone on the battlefield!
    07-20-2015, 09:39 AM
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