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PR Invitational Event, Sponsored By Tactical Gamer


  • PR Invitational Event, Sponsored By Tactical Gamer

    The community, and would like to invite you to an open PvP event this weekend October 2nd - 3rd. This event will be open to anyone that has Armed Assault: Combined Operations, and wants to try their hand at PR inspired game modes.

    Game Modes:

    Advance And Secure (AAS) - This game mode requires teams to secure linked points on the map to achieve victory.

    Attack and Defend (A&D) - Defenders must hold at all costs, while attackers try and take the objective.

    Team vs. Team Objective (TvT Objective) - Each side must try to accomplish an objective in order to win the game.

    General Info:

    Server: Alpha Server
    Server -
    Port - 2303

    TeamSpeak 3:
    Server -
    Port - 9987

    None Required
    Client Side Addons Are Allowed

    Should players require assistance setting up ArmA:OA to run in Combined Operations configuration, the ArmA Admins are available in TeamSpeak before and during this event. Feel free to jump in and let us get you ready to rock.

    Spread the word, and invite your friends. We look forward to gaming with you this weekend!
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